Another Award.. My heart felt thanks

Life is so beautiful when you are surrounded by so many good angels in the form of people. Srijan Bhardwaj  contributed to my happiness in my last post  when I received another Libester Award by the blog name Echoes of my Whispers!
Thank you once again for appreciating my skills everyone and especially to those who acknowledge my effort by awarding me with Libester award I guess.
Here guys read on my answers to the questions of
  1. Why did you start blogging?
I think I have answered to this question when I received my first award. Repeated answers are not fun though .. You know what an angel whispered to me once Shetall write so I started blogging 😉
     2. Your best habit!
Praying for everybody and everyday

  1. What makes you unique from others?
Well, that is for you to decide I guess and I would like to counter question on that to you what uniqueness you found in me that you gave me an award/ 😉
      4. Your favourite movies?
Ella Enchanted

5. Action or romance?
Umm both!! Without any action there is no romance isn’t it  J
   6. 3 deep buried secrets! 😉
Hahaha they are soo deeply buried that even I have to dig hard to find them and to share them with you J

7. The person you love the most?
I guess Me , Myself and I after all if you cannot love yourself how can you love someone else….
          8. Your idol?
My Idol is my grand father who is no more in this physical world….

9. School or college?
10. The most mischievous act you have done?
Hehehe when I was in school and I learnt how to make cards on computer in my computer class I made a card for my social science teacher ( Mrs. Menon .. I actually hated her.. look I still remember her ) saying Happy Diwala ma’am. No wonder she punished me and asked me to stand outside the class.. ahhh that was not the punishment it was a divine blessing for me  .. I loved such  punishments 😉

11. What does this award means to you?
In my life, whenever and for whatever reasons I have received awards .. I feel somewhere they are for my family as to let them know that they have actually made me stand as an asset to this world. I love my family and every award I had won in past and the one in the present I dedicate to them. This award means the world to me. It’s like angel whispering hey glad that you heard our guidance J
I hope I have not disappointed you with the answers …
My nominees are
Vikas Khair one more time a story teller
Little Princess title you are an excellent writer but I am still wondering what is your actual name
Ayushi Khare the most adorable darling who have always praised  my blogs
Shwetabh Mathur We met recently at Indiblogger and I read most of his post he is indeed a wonderful hindi writer
Tushar Raj Rastogi another wonder ful Hind writer
Amit Pitdha a wonderful blogger and the one who pushed me to blog regularly I cannot thank you enough
Manas Barpande who is not only a wonderful blogger but creative beyond limits
Sreedev Soman a wonderful Haiku writer in India
Bhavik Shah one of the beautiful writer
Sushand Mojumdar a wonderful writer
Hey wait , Listen the one who awarded me first I am still wondering what is your name so hey wait, listen I hope this time I can nominate you too
My questions are as follow :-
  1. Can you tell me about your ideal reader?
  2. Your Every day inspiration comes from?
  3. What do you most love about yourself?
  4. Do you write at a specific time in a day?
  5. What do you like about my blogs?