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A Power within

You get to choose one superpower. Pick one of these, and explain your choice:
o            the ability to speak and understand any language
o            the ability to travel through time
o            the ability to make any two people agree with each other
So, Daily prompt of word press has  played a role of Ginie asking us to choose one power out  these three
Dear Daily prompt,
Thank you for the choices but I personally feel that we all possess these powers within. If I contemplate on the choices given
o            the ability to speak and understand any language
Well, I personally feel that I know that there is a power within me which can not only understand human language but what animals are trying to say. I am blessed and I feel that out there are plenty of them like me who enjoy this ability.
o            the ability to travel through time
If you are talking about future , I don’t want to ruin surprises what life holds for me but some times it is automatically ruined when my intuition guides me towards what is going to happen next. In that case, I think I already have this power too
When you talk about traveling in past, I think it is not required moreover there are guided meditations of Brian Weiss who sometimes takes you towards past life to find solution of present . I have been doing those meditations quite lately hence I have this power too.
o            the ability to make any two people agree with each other
Ah! This is something I am in love with and often practice it by the technique I learnt called blessings and mind you it is damn effective. Hence I have this power too in me.
But yes, there is something which I yearn to have and that is the power of deleting layer of unhappiness, hatred and cruelity in the world and that power can be gained by the anecdote of love and love is something which people do not require these days as maximum of them are fighting hard to earn money. There is hardly a time to love . Give me that power inside me so that I too can kill my demons inside me who stand up often and makes my trust shake towards love and then I would love to help this world.
Can you gift me that power dear daily prompt?
The power is within me
If I look inside me
I can find various things
Those which can astound me
The power is within me
If I deeply engross myself in me
I find solutions to my problems
Like a puzzled solved gifting me diamonds
The power is within me
If only I learn to love and ignore the bluffs
I will find the power in me


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