From Unsafe to Safe

There was a time in my life
When I felt tight
I saw my friends turning into my enemy in disguise
Stabbing my back
Abusing me
I was so in agony
I stopped smiling
I stopped listening
I stopped eating
I stopped meeting new people
All of sudden my world was lying into pieces
I could not rhyme my thoughts
I could not jog my memory
I could not dub like I used to
I could not kiss my mirror like I used to
I could be the kind of a person I used to be
Life was never that cruel
My mind became my ruler
It tossed me and twined my heart
For one time I decided to give up on soul in dark
I ate so many negative bites
That I ended up puking
My divine light and insights
It was all way back in 2009
Life came to hold
I wanted someone to caress me
And take me away from this globe
I kept on praying for long time
One night a wise man appeared in my dreams with divine light
He introduced me to myself one more time
I liked myself once again
I decided to close all my doors to their game
The evil was strong and it kept on knocking my door
In the form of angel from above
I was tricked one more time
But my family came to hold me this time
I learnt to be deaf to their plea
blind to their animosity
Dum to dub their stories
The safest place I found to live this life
Was my own heart whispering me one more time
Thousand words of love
Thousand thoughts of hugs
Thousand blessings to encounter
Guiding me to meet numerous people who enjoys  my company
But something inside me still scared to trust thee
May be a part of me died while I was struggling to be
A girl with modesty