Eat Pray Love



An old saying goes “what we eat, we become”. I am a big fan of this quote in fact and I second the thought but that does not mean that I am a person who completely enjoys vegetarian food or the one who enjoys promoting vegan diets.

Yes, I do eat non vegetarian food too sometimes and I enjoy it too. My favorite is prawns with hot garlic sauce, but that does not make me an evil person I guess… I enjoy whatever I eat and I eat in moderation so that my stomach is happy too along with my soul.


I have been often told that if I’ll be a complete vegan person (the one who does not eat onions and garlic) I will be calmer and near to God. I have read about the kind of food Rajas, Tamsik and sattva and I do practice all three from time to time to detoxicify my body and to experience life.

I was 18 years of age when I started learning healing practice. Yes, when the girls of my age were busy dating handsome hunks I was busy exploring the world of occult.

The first thing which I came across while studying a particular healing practice was blessing, I learnt about blessing people, blessing earth, blessing air and many types of blessings along with the food.

I was so astound by the study and the results that I felt as if I was living a miracle. Slowly and gradually I moved further and the word blessing graduated to a word called thought vibrations. I had read and at present also I am reading a book which describes what thought vibrations are all about and how it affects your psyche. Well, that is another story.

While practicing healings on my family and friends, my circle explored and  I vividly remember a case of a man who once came to me when I started the healing camp in a temple along with my sister and few friends telling me that he wanted to commit suicide and wanted to kill his wife with a dragger though he loves her very much but he was not aware what was happening to him and why he was going into depression. I was scared may be I was too young to handle such cases at that time, I directed him towards my teacher.


Later on my teacher told me that this man was eating these thoughts hence he ended up thinking these thoughts. I could not understand what she meant until I asked her to explain it more. She told me that the man was well established had a beautiful family indeed and recently, for the first time, his wife went to her mother’s house in Kashmir for two weeks to stay leaving behind a cook so that her husband should not worry about food every day. The cook was in debts and he found that his wife was cheating on him and wanted to kill her with a dragger with these thoughts he had been preparing his morning breakfast, lunch and dinner. Within few days , this man who loved his wife to his heart had a feeling that he must kill her also not being in debt he was worried about the money and the expenses and was not aware why he was having these strong  nasty feelings . When he was directed him towards my teacher, my teacher asked him about his day to day activity.  When asked  who  was preparing  the food, the man immediately said that he was new in Delhi and this was for the first time that  his wife had kept this cook so that he should not be worried about the food otherwise the food was cooked by his wife only.


My teacher also told me that she asked him to have a heart to heart chat with the cook about his daily life, and to his surprise the thoughts he was having was his cook’s thoughts. He immediately helped him with some money and settled his account.


So the lesson over here which I learnt was that no matter what you eat, the person who is cooking your food must always be in a good mood because while preparing food sometimes, unknowingly whatever they think they tend to transfer it through thought vibrations and that not only effects your stomach but your soul and you must bless your food with positive thoughts which indeed clear any negative vibes which the food might hold.


Oh by the way today is Tuesday and my mom gave me half fry egg in the morning to eat but trust me  My stomach is  full of love and my soul is as happy as always.  Nothing effects more that a positive thought. I wish you all a positive day and a positive start and yes, a positive good food J


As I watched the day going by

I sat under the tree thinking what food I should buy

Shall I buy food that soothes my soul?

Shall I buy something which this crazy world roars?

I was thinking while looking around

I saw a man smiling at me

He was new in town

Hello my dear he said it in his husky voice

I greeted him back with a smile

May I help you with what is stuck in your mind?
I said which food I should eat which eases my stomach and psyche
He smiled and sat with me for a while
He spoke with his eyes and his words did the formalities
Eat whatever your heart says
Listen to your conscience
But remember to bless your food with love
That will constantly make you sing rhymes
I am sure that will ease your stomach and psyche
He walked away with a lesson behind
Love what you eat intend with the positive inside
Food for your soul and stomach is something that you enjoy…


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