My Cheering section, My mentor


I once was walking on the happy road

From a distance I saw a gloomy shadow

The curiosity made me walk towards her

She was a woman who lost her faith in her

As I passed a smile to her

She smiled instantly as if she got injected by love instantly

She was calm and no gloomier indeed

She asked me who your mentor is

Take me to your mentor

As I want to be like you

I want to dance with life at the same velocity

I smiled and said my mentors are my five senses

When I fail to heed them

The sixth meddles as a key

That makes me gear up

To the happiness indeed

She thought I am making fool of her

She asked me to explain this theory

I said:

When I open my eyes in the morning

Thinking what it will bring to me

I look at my dog everyday

Sitting on my stomach licking my cheek

I hear the sound of birds chirping outside

That makes my ears dance to the positive song indeed


When I walk on the road

I look at the dust on the roads dancing freely

The morning breeze kisses my skin

Asking me to let it be

When I think of sickness

I am drawn towards ambulance and hospitals

The nasty smell of medicines makes me shudder with fear for a moment

But that is an inner call to be thankful for good health indeed

When while travelling my car stops at the red light

The homeless people touching me and ask for money

That instantly makes me thankful that I have a job and a home indeed

I used to have problems like others

I often used to think of my life as an empty jungle

Once I was left alone in my house for days

That makes realize that a house is home when we have family indeed

That made me smile

Discerning weeds from the flowers

Darkness to light called family

At those moments I realize my life is not an empty jungle

 It is filled with the fragrance of relations

I have a wonderful family

Whenever I ate my lunch with my colleagues

Some gossips about daily life

Some whisper thank you before eating homemade food

That makes me thank my mother for taking morning pain to prepare my lunch indeed

The taste of my food is so full of love that I end up sharing with people indeed


Whenever I get a call or a message of my friends who asks me to meet

Wondering what I will talk to them about I used to meet them without glee

Some used to share insights which sometimes helped me solving my situation

Some used to open there hearts and I learned that I end up giving them solutions

However I have always left my friends with smile with good words coming out of my mouth indeed

That makes me realize that may be every meeting has a reason indeed and every word spoken leads to stronger relation.

In those lonely hours when I struggle hard with myself thinking what’s and why’s

I enjoy reading books or sometimes write

It guides me to all the answers indeed

I sleep tight every night

My father keeps his hand on my head with love

Sometimes I am awake and understands his love for me

May be I am a pampered child

May be I am god’s favorite

But I see and experience my mentor in every situation, in every relation, in the form of family and friends and nature

As if I am holding some invisible key to the door of blessings indeed

The lady smiled and said

Thank you for introducing me to the mentor inside me

I will follow the path of happy road

Surely injecting gloomy faces with the peace within me



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