Intensity of dream



Living my life with glee

Once I had an intense dream

I saw myself walking around the woods

I was walking briskly

As if I was searching for something good

I saw you coming towards me from the hood

I was dazzled with your looks

You were all dressed in white

Smiling at me with your open eyes

Welcoming me right

I instantly woke up from this dream

It looked so real that I was astounded by its gleam

That was the first time I saw you

Never thought that we would ever meet

When one day you came in front of me

I was confounded by your existence indeed

That is another story that you left me in between

Letting me know that it was just a dream

Wondering that same intensity would ever bring something new to me

Wondering whether that same intense dream would ever come again

Bringing me someone to be with me forever in this life with a gleam

Wondering will I ever dream with the same intensity indeed

Finding someone following me in my dreams


humming Just a dream by madonna


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