Solution is within

A life can be lived with thousands of excuses in our mind or a life can be lived with an imagination of being happy all the time…  Well, not all imaginations or dreams of ours come true… sometimes we end up adjusting to circumstances with an excuse and sometimes we strive hard to work on what we want.
Yes, I have strived hard sometimes on getting what I want and many times I have ended up adjusting to circumstances.
Often times come up where I end up being depressed on why things are just not moving in my life or why those who troubled me are still alive and more successful. May be this is a kind of a jealous thought but then each one of us have one or the other things in our mind which makes us vulnerable somewhere.
I am a kind of a person who often, when depressed  enjoys to take her shed into listening  to music. Music is my meditation. Whether while travelling or while sitting alone I conjure my thoughts and let myself be…
Sometimes I end up listening to good music; sometimes my angels guide me divinely to write something which soothes my soul and let me tell you words come instantly in my mind like a treasure and I just jot them on the paper and end up taking lesson from my own learning many times . Either ways,  I have learnt to be happy in all circumstances , I have experienced  that people enjoy snatching your happiness once you declare to them what makes you happy. Some lessons were hard to learn indeed but I have learnt them…
Last night, I was all alone in my house, sitting on my rocking chair with my eyes closed wondering where I was taking my life. I chose to listen to music and looked for a CD which I got recorded with assorted songs which once I enjoyed the most…  The CD started with my favourite song.. Cherish the love we have…
This song often works as a motivator to me and I enjoy listening to it every time I am alone and yes it does take me to my dream world which is romantic indeed.
However as the song finished I had an alert on my cell phone which was by word press asking who is  my favorite character and if I get a chance to meet them what would I talk to them.I must write on that. Amazing thought it was, which I actually had it  plenty of times.
It is often said in psychology that when things are not working for you in any particular area, close your eyes imagine your favorite character you admire the most in that field and converse your problem to them and bingo you will get solution to your problems.
I had done that plenty of times whenever I was stuck in politics I used to have conference in my mind with well known scholars like Indira Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln together and used to sought my problem out. Hey don’t laugh it actually worked.. It is kind of an excersise where you vibrate on higher thought vibration on which these people set themselves as an icon.
When this prompt came to me I was already in some other romantic land, so I closed my eyes and all I could think of was Shakespeare and Rumi, but, the question was what should I talk to them about? So I picked my recent misery where I encountered an old enemy of mine who bought back all those memories which were buried into a cemetery of past. I don’t enjoy entertaining ghosts but sometimes they come to say hello to me in their own weird form I guess!
My question to them was I want to be a forgiving person and I am, but sometimes when past struck or people come in front of me from my past I feel  like kicking their ass hard and I end up cursing myself or them  and then I get sick . What do I do?
To which Shakespeare smiled and said:  Don’t trust the person who has broken faith once
Rumi instantly intervene and said: Ignore those that make you fearful and sad, that degrade you back towards disease and death.
I solicited but then how will I move ahead, what if I meet these souls again in some other birth with the same lesson as I was not able to forgive them in this life. I saw Hafiz coming and joining the conversation he said:
Trust is the traveler’s tip, who knows of many paths and trips
The dark midnight, fearful waves and the tempestuous whirlpool
How can he know of our state, while ports house his unladed ships?
I followed my own path of love and now I am in bad repute
How can a secret remain veiled, if from every thought it drips?
I understood what they all want me to feed with, my intellect responded to them my way. I said
I understood the message behind these words by the scholars in front of me
The truth will shine with the time indeed
Those who made me cry
Tying me with the clutches of time
Will one day repent in the same manner and die
Why hold a grudge why look at them with sigh
Let them be let them be
In time they will realise
Time holds no value
My  heart needs to understand this theory
Let love guide me
Let love be
Moving ahead with love for new
Moving ahead with love for few
Moving   ahead with those who appreciate my smile and are still glued
Moving   ahead with those who cared for me and stood by my side
Even when sharks attacked with their nasty tooth
The conference ended and my recorded CD played a song which was the last I guess.  Nothing’s gonna change my love for you…
No wonder I was smiling and holding peace in my heart at that time. Learning that the more we look at the past we kill our present… hence to build a strong character we must continue meeting our iconic character in our thoughts… sounds funny? Try it sometime I am sure you would be amazed by the frequency you would turn into… Cheers