Seven wonders of life from a dame’s eye

Trust me when I met you I was at cloud number seven
Where love was beyond ego
Where bliss was our shadow
Where guidance came from heaven
Trust me when I looked at you
My spiritual senses made me dance to different tune
They made me communicate our every thought
Our voice was muffled but we could hear and talk
The love that we offered to each other
As if we were singing some muted song
It took me to the seventh realm
The road which guided me to heaven up above
Trust me when we clasped our hands
And you took me in your arms
The warmth of your body
The sound of your soul
Kissed my sixth sense hard
It guided me towards the existence of non existence
Where lord resides
That place is called heaven where everything shines
Trust me when you gazed deep into my eyes
You tied me with you forever in this life time
It made my reflection see through
The pain and unhappiness this world offered
Flowed off like an unseen water
Never did I bothered about life’s humdrum
Every negative automatically turned into positive
Like a piece of coal turned into gold
As if some miracle happened
Making our bodies and souls one
It introduced me to life which was like heaven
I lived those seven words of life
When you called me your beautiful wife
See, touch, feel, breathe, living life in ecstasy
Enjoying my expression in thee
I guess, that was the time heaven introduced seven wonders to me
Guidance from heaven connected us forever
It blended our personalities with each other
With a word called “destiny”
You rejoiced your presence in me
Opened your heart and let me be
That was indeed a heaven
For you and for me