The golden hour

I kissed moonlight good night
Closed my eyes to dream light
It was time for me to meet my higher self
To be guided by him on astral rank
Here I am seeking answers to my humdrum
With stress on my forehead and feeling low and shun
My guide smiled at me and said
You are innocent to the drama you opt on earth for your success
Move forward thinking nothing will lasts forever with shrug
Not your misery, not your pain, not even your happiness in fervor
Every time you will be experiencing something new with or without shame
I am assigned to guide you by far
Trust me; I am holding your hand every hour
Look down there the golden hour on earth
Learn from the sun and the moon how to make love
When moon kisses passionately to sun bidding goodbye
That moment is called dawn in your mind
They have given their precious moment to you
Learn and rejoice
Come on now leave stress and move to earth
It’s time to open your eyes
To witness the love making between the sun and moon
I opened my eyes to dawn
Experiencing how beautiful life can be
When we witness the golden hour
I have learnt to make love with my thoughts indeed
Is it because I witnessed dawn or my higher self guided me