Express yourself with words or dance it out

Dance has been a part of my life since I was a toddler; I grew up watching Hollywood and Bollywood movies  both.  My favorite dancer at that time was Helen; I used to copy her a lot. Once, my mother was teaching me my English lesson where she was teaching me about ambition in life and asked me who do I want to be when I will grow up,  I instantly said I want to be a dancer like Helen my mother busted  laughing  but never ever discouraged me I was quickly enrolled into Bharatnatyam classes nearby . It was fun for me every evening I used to put on my Ghungroos and enjoyed the sound which came out of it… (Mind you, I loved my ghungroos then and I carry on my love for them by wearing anklets till date.) As my luck would have it the teacher ran away with her boyfriend and the dancing school was shut down because they could not find any teacher then.  I was left heartbroken, soon with time I forgot all about it.
As I entered my teens, I saw a movie called Dirty Dancing which is still my favorite one and I do watch often whenever depression tries to hug me tight, I close my eyes and imagine myself dancing . while adolescent was on high and most of the  kids of my age group at that time were either enjoying living love stories or  reading mills and boons imagining a love story, I was more interested in exploring supernaturalism. And  I learnt that too where I learnt that dancing actually opens our body chakra’s and help us to be more jolly and confident in life..  I know I am not a professional dancer but every morning I am in a habit of switching on to the radio and start my day with songs,  sometimes songs makes me shake my booty and I make whosoever standing in front of me dance with me. We dance like stupid cause we never bother about our moves and who is watching us from windows that actually makes us start our day happily. Dancing activates serotonin which is responsible for happiness.  These days my favorite is Lungi dance song from Chennai Express: p and this morning I actually danced on the number while eating my breakfast.
With time I grew and I  started  working with my first job of   Malaysia Airlines, I can never ever forget that job and my so wonderful colleagues… Till date if I ever had a best friend apart from my family she was Ruchi Gaur I miss her a lot some times. Ruchi and I became friend at Malaysia Airlines. Since for the promotion of airlines they often used to keep dance parties. Ruchi and I used to be the first to hit on the floor though we were not professionals but we were young and above all that we were not aware of what office politics was all about.
On Saturday’s it was just us and two more staff on duty. Since there was not  work on these days we used to enter into our administrator’s office and play on the music loud (of course during lunch hours) and enjoyed. Till the time I was there all I did was dancing and enjoying life. Time moves on so does people to progress further in career’s. I moved too and Ruchi and I lost contact with each other with time. Sad but I recall those dancing sessions many times.
Recently, last year while working for a diplomatic mission especially in visa section you have to be very careful because as the season approaches it brings plenty of applications along with stress indeed. Stress closesdmy mind. I remember an instance where we all were fighting because we were stressed and our boss in next room played a hip hop music on his computer. Funny was that we stopped fighting and started dancing  and laughed for a long time that day. I don’t think our boss was aware of that…opps I hope he is not reading my blog…
Well, we all go through difficult phases in our lives, experience pain inside that makes us grow further. I had lived a major experience like this when I was left all alone; I lost my job, my love life ended before beginning and above all I lost my confidence to live this life. Feeling depressed and facing health problems, I wanted to express myself with the words telling the world that I am not what you think but something inside me was dying . As an old saying goes if God wants to save you he will show you the way.  I was introduced to a meditation session where I was asked to close my eyes and dance. I still remember I was very hesitant to dance in front of so many people more over I was not a perfectionist but  my guru said you let yourself loose there is no need for perfection none of us over here is professional .
So, they made me close my eyes and played  music I started by shaking my booty a little and soon I was so engrossed in dancing that nothing mattered to me as who was watching me or who was making fun of me I was just dancing and soon I realized that my energy was renewed and I felt more happier. Moreover the urge to tell the world know that I am right was gone.
From time to time dancing has helped me to come out from blues of my life, it makes me feel happier and more confident about myself. It makes my aura shine so well that people tend to attract towards me more as I am open to give and receive love because of dancing.
Recently I felt sick again, you know sometimes you look back and watch those stale faces that once stabbed your back in the name of friendship and you end up thinking about how it was. My body is quick to react to such situations and I was down with a fever, the moment I recovered I was down again with dengue fever… All I did was prayer in my heart to my god to help me get out of this mess and help me so that I do not think more about past… “Ask and you shall receive it”.  Within few minutes of my prayers, miracle happened with me. I got an email from Indi blogger for a meet. I had just recovered and still was unwell but I was strong with my  heart  I had to divert myself to life for the people who love me the most in this lifetime. I accepted that invite and went to the meet where again dancing played the main role.
Meeting Masters like Mudassar Khan and Feroz Khan was truly bliss, they not only danced themselves but made all the bloggers dance to their tunes and among so many bloggers it was me who was somewhere down and depressed. My energies were renewed again and the weakness inside me, God knows where it went.
They both acted like angels to me and to many who were present there. So what if I am not professional I danced my heart out to keep myself happy and to tell my body that I love her.
Once again dance proved to be my greatest meditation where I do not need words to express myself I just need to dance it out…
Thank you indibloggers for such an opportunity and thank you God for helping me to express myself through dance …