They wanted late-night infomercial , I wanted to go with the flow

I am Shetall; coming from a joint family I have experienced loads of emotions in my life. I am a lover of love but at the same time if someone asks me what I want from my life I am blank.
Writing my thoughts or my imaginations gives me immense happiness and why not?  I feel I am communicating with my writing if not verbally.  Blogging was introduced to me by my friend way back in 2005 however I never heed up to publish my thoughts after all why? For who?
No one is interested in what is going on in your life? Everyone is racing to prove that they are the best and I am talking to myself with my blogs… funny isn’t it?
But then there were people who forced me into blogging and let me tell you I didn’t know them personally I met them through a medium of social networking site; they came as an angels and helped me to be what I am today.
For me, I don’t know who reads my blogs and who does not but yes all I know is that every time I write my written words are guided by divine and I end up learning lessons from my own writings. To be true to you, I am a BIG FAN of my own writing skill but at the same time when I became regular with my writing skills I realized that they are others like me who portrait their feelings in a  much better way than I do but that does not stop me to follow my own blogs hehee. I do re read them sometime: p
Never thought I would reach up to this level. I have always been careless and when I encountered people who enlightened me with their comments on my work, my heart rejoiced in happiness and I ended up loving myself more.. Some says that they witness their own reflection in my words which I offer to the universe, my heart sings rhymes when I encounter likeminded people.
So, if you ask me to promote my blogs or my book… you are talking to a big DUHH!! I am not good at marketing or promoting all I am good at is communicating my thoughts to myself and those who are attracted to my blogs are mere a reflection of my sensitive heart. I am thankful to those unknowns and known People that are helping me to be a better person through their likes and comments on my blogs. I am thankful to my family who stands for me and forces me to write more… I am thankful to those silent followers who are there somewhere loving my thoughts after reading my blogs. I am a kind of a person who never expects anything from anyone yet I end up attracting millions of people loving me with their words and thoughts for me.  For me, You all are my guardian angels who guides me and pushes me to write more and more every day. Thank you