Sad but True

I am born to love
This is the line made me live my life like a dove
A dove that is gentle and delicate
Meeting everybody with love
I once encountered a bird catcher
He claimed to be my lover
Oh! You are so sensitive he said
Every time in front of everyone
Whenever we communicate
He humiliated me with his words
Being a Casanova
He made everywoman trust his words
People started using his words
Time came when I locked myself inside me
I was all alone feeling guilty
Friends I thought I had
Became my worst enemies
I was lonely with my story
Time healed my broken heart
New People came along
To give a new meaning to sensitivity with an arc
It was all together a new thought
As I know holding a grudge
Will make me meet them again and again
If not in this life time then in some other with a new game
Till the lesson finishes
Till I learn to be more sensitive without any shame
Yes, I am born to love
And to be loved
Without any guilt
Without any praise