Sweet November



I am different, I was born lucky and I am born to be a wedded wife of a man who can show me how much he loves me, cares for me and enjoys my company.

Having an imaginative mind I always wanted to fall in love with someone who coincides with my thought process and make me feel secure and wanted. However, some dreams are good for fairy tales and some dreams takes turn to be a reality in your life, it might take years but if you are destined to get your wants you get it easily.

I was going with the flow and living my life as it was coming to me. Sometimes meeting friends, sometimes Chilling out with family or staying alone as the mood of the weather or my inside friend i.e.  my soul  likes it.

Life was moving on as so was I with it. I was working in office when Molly my colleague and friend said that Diwali is near and we are getting 3 days off if we both take 2 days off that will make it 5.

Yes, I know but why should we take 5 days off?

Well, I have a plan. Why not visit Singapore for holidays?

Good Idea but where did  this idea come from?  Will your parents allow you to leave your house on Diwali and will my parents agree?

Well, rest was history. We landed in  the beautiful city called Singapore. I enjoy wearing felt caps or hats whatever word you like can give it to it. We checked into hotel and got ready to move out to visit beauty of Singapore. Having been felt a strong connection with Dolphins I forced Molly to Visit underwater world. She did make a face but agreed to it.

We went there and we were so engrossed in living our moments that we never bothered that who was looking at us?

Suddenly, we realized that a guy is following us, he was an Indian just like us. Molly being a black belted tried to teach him a lesson where he stopped her and introduced himself.

Wait lady, I am from a respectable family and is here to enjoy the way you do.

Okay then why are you following us.

US? No . I am following your friend.

Excuse me? Who are you and how do you know me I asked

He smiled and said you look beautiful with a hat (his smile was killing and so were his sexy deep eyes and his deep  voice) He gazed deep into my eyes as if he knew me from eons and I was searching an answer into his eyes. In my mind I asked him what took you so long.  We looked at each other .this was a minute when Molly intruded Ahem. So why are you following my friend Mr.

The moment she interrupted as if the  link was broken between us. He took half a minute to get back to what he was saying.

Yes, Hi. I mean I am Nihaal from New Delhi. He was fumbling with his words. I follow your blogs regularly and I had read your book Shetall.

Molly and I looked at each other and then we looked at him. At that back of my mind I was nervous thinking how come I am so famous that people knew me well but  I had to maintain my status as a writer. I got my chin up and said oh I see thank you for reading my blogs and my book too I made an eye contact with Molly to walk ahead where he said no wait.

I want to know more of you as a person. It is destiny that being an Indian I ended up meeting you here in Singapore not in Delhi.

Is he weird that was my thought? Molly decided to back off. She was quiet and I was looking at her then at him. I was confused.

He asked both of us to join him for a dinner. Molly said: Excuse me,  I have an urgent work why don’t you two enjoy. My heart started racing fast. I widened my eyes and said no we both have an urgent work some other day I guess.

Molly took me to another side and said its okay I am here only. I promise we will go back hotel together.

He understood my uneasiness, as I walked back  to him he looked at me and whispered near my ear I am human not a vampire. Trust me. I will not drink your blood.

I busted out  laughing  and felt a  bit embarrassed too. We walked on to the hotel nearby and enjoyed good food along with an enticing conversation with him. I was already in love with his looks, voice and now his intelligence was making me go weak in my knees. He wanted to drop me back to hotel but I insisted that I will go alone because I was aware that Molly was waiting for me too. He got me a cab, we exchanged our numbers and I promised him that tomorrow I will meet him. That was the first skin contact when he asked for my hand and holded it firmly. I was getting goose bumps.

I reached  Molly and we both went back to the hotel , we giggled like little girls and I told him how I enjoyed his company, I was happy that night and all I was doing was recalling our conversation  and that touch , which  was special. There was some kind of eagerness inside like a teenager to meet him next morning.  I was waiting for morning light to welcome a new day in my life . No doubt I never felt so different.

Next morning, I looked myself into the mirror and I could not recognize myself, I felt so new and so happy. Molly was sleeping but I was up and dressed up for my morning meeting with Nihal but I guess he was more excited for our morning meeting then me. I got a call from lobby Manager stating that Mr. Nihal was waiting for me. Come on it is only 7:30 am. I left a note on Molly’s side table and left.

Nihal was dressed up in yellow t-shirt and blue jeans. That is my favorite combination I told him. I like guys in this combination, this was the first thing I told him and then I realized I should have said Good Morning first but he was smiling offering me a yellow rose while touching my hand one more time and gazing directly into my eyes.

Why yellow, I asked

Beginning of our friendship, he said it with a smile.

He was a good observer. He saw I was wearing rings almost on all of my fingers.

Your rings are different from yesterday.

Oh! I have a fetish for rings and I often buy them. I change them daily. I love my hands I said

He again smiled and said then why there is no diamond. Girls enjoy wearing diamond rings.

Diamonds are not for me. I would be lying if I said that I don’t like them but I am not allowed to wear them astrologically as they will bring sheer bad luck to me

Oh you trust astrology?

I am an astrologer moreover I have tried wearing diamond and repercussions were very bad.

He did not say anything but nodded his head in agreement.

I looked at his hand and there was no ring on it. May be he is not married yet

He was following my eyes and I guess he was reading my mind too.

He looked at me and said no I am not married yet and then we had never ending talks.

3 days were over and Molly was bored yet happy for me.

We came back exactly a day before Diwali and enjoyed it with our families though Nihaal’s thoughts were on the back of my mind.

He did send  me a message wishing me and my family a Happy Diwali and I replied to it but after that there were no exchange of messages and calls too.

After a week, he called me from another number stating that he was in US for some urgent work hence he could not call or message me. We had a tiny tiff but things were okay and after that we lost connection again for 2 days.

I thought may be the term of true love is not meant for me. A pessimist in me had  taken me all over and I felt empty inside.

I saw him outside my house the next day.

What are you doing here?

I was not aware that his parents already had conversation with mine and it was a planned surprise for me.

He kneeled down took out a platinum ring which he got engraved Nihal loves Shetall and presented to me asking me to be his wedded wife.

My sister interrupted asking him why Platinum why not Diamond. He said he has two reasons for that one that Diamond does not suit me Astrologically and secondly he feels that diamond is for every girl but Plantium is for selected ones.

He said if your query is finished can I propose ?

My sister smiled and moved back

He said, I am not a poet like you but I have something in my mind.

I asked him to go on with a smile

He said   when I talk to you , you are love, When you smile , you are love, when you rejoice in your own existence you are love. All I have seen in you is love and I want this love forever to be mine hence I got our names engraved in this Plantium ring with love inbetween. Do you like it ? Would you accept that? Will you be my love forever in this life?


I was smiling and smiling when my mother woke me up from this dream asking me to do dusting and getting ready for my office.

Well, imaginations can lead to dreams and who knows when a dream leads you to reality. Someone somewhere is waiting for me with a Platinum ring engraved with our names giving special place to love in it.

Anyway, my answer to him was YES, I do!


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