Addicted to Worry

Home to the first Hiatus spa and retreat
We all have a special place in our hearts for our family
I looked back to who I was as if I was  watching a movie
 I found my addiction to thoughts
Abhorring my honesty
Confused between axiology and approach
I kept on repeating same mistakes of ignoring my own needs
Thinking   too much for others well being
Forgetting where my life was leading
I found my addition heart breaking
My eyes were open
When I saw my reflection teasing
I was attracting situations in my life
With my worrisome thoughts guiding me
I saw my own glimpse in other’s life
Those who came along with time
They were crying and craving for happy times
That bothered me
I was not what they were
I am a shining star
I don’t want them in my life surely
It was necessary to leave my habit of worrying every time undeniably
In reality addiction comes from habit and habit came from our thinking only
I struggled hard to stop my annoying thoughts steering me
My goal was to make my family and surroundings joyful
I was asked to be little selfish
In this world, for my own needs
If I want my family to be happy
I must learn to align them to be me
It was essential for me
To burnish my aura happy
I took another road of sincerity
Conspiring on what I want my life to be
Grasping  my goal to bring happiness to every person I meet
When I looked back today I smiled and hugged myself in my thoughts
For letting me be
I kicked my habit of constant worrying courageously
Today I am a new person who does not believe in thinking unnecessarily
To be happy I let things be
 Enjoying spa and retreat
Oh yes I bid good bye to hiatus in-between