Loss of happy mornings but I guess not forever


 My mornings usually begin with an alarm clock ringing at my bed side. Mornings were beautiful when I had my furry baby Kooky and my grandfather around. I used to be the first person to hug them and to enjoy my morning tea with them sometimes…It was love never thought that those lovely mornings will turn into dull mornings…

Yes, mornings are dull when I entered into a period of loss.  First was my beloved furry baby Kooky who made me happy and had been my best friend and companion for 15 years and one month, his loss was sudden and heart breaking.

It would be selfish of me if I say it was just ME who could not accept the change but yes I thought we all tried our level best by bringing little Sultan a month old pup. It was difficult for us to connect with him at first because we all were grieving for Kooky at that time but we all tried and with time the grief was little less. Happiness was trying to knock the door of my house when we encountered another loss and this time it was a loss of joy in our lives, my darling grandfather.


Life was dull and depressive, mornings were uncanny, days were empty but we have to drag our lives after all change is inevitable and we all are STILL experiencing the transition period.

Missing him every day, every single minute  a close knitted family has suffered lose threads I guess and to make it closely knitted again,  we all have to do an effort, to live happily one more time and I know some where  we all are trying.

Being the first one to be awake , the first thing after my grandfather left was tears rolling every day from my eyes, missing him while looking at his empty room. My tears are my treasure and I don’t show them to everyone easily. But uneasy mornings bought depressive days too. I had to gear up; I had to make an effort if not for me then for my family.

I tried waking up with closed eyes praying for every single member of my house and then starting my days. Now my mornings were different and this morning was amazingly different all big thanks to my new little furry baby Sultan who has just learned to climb on bed.

The alarm clock rang exactly at 5 am. I woke up in stress while having a list on my mind of things to do; still I took a deep breath and tried to relax by chanting mantra. Little Sultan woke up along and climbed on the bed. He saw me sitting and praying so what do you expect from this tiny tot to sit and pray na na he slowly climb on my shoulders from the back and pulled my hair as he does with newspapers every day, I was little agitated, I pushed him back and tried one more time to chant mantra AUM, he came from front this time and bit my closed eyes actually he was trying to make me open them up where I gave a tight slap and put him down the bed.


I saw him going out of the room and then I attempted to chant one more, thinking that he has left the room, oh how cruel I was this time I thought but in a second I saw him coming from another room running fast with his full energy climbing bed one more time and stood in front of me straight away attacking my shoulders one more time from front and biting my cheek now this made me laugh.  Morning had already began, I welcomed my day by playing with little Sultan for I guess an hour and a half. His favorite game is hide and seek , he runs and hides himself below the chair thinking nobody can see him and we act as if we cannot see him and the game begins when we start clapping and saying oh God where is Sultan now? He enjoys and run himself and makes us run too and the whole house shines with smiles with laughter.


After that comes dusting and cleaning and getting ready for the office thinking about the things I have to do after reaching office etcetera.


The morning moment with sultan taught me that we lose moments and people never to get them back in our lives however we do gain some new people with some new experiences and lessons to learn and it is our duty to cherish our lives we live with those who we have in our lives at this present moment who knows when time plays its cruel games again to make us loose what we have now.

 I have started doing an effort to start my mornings by playing with little sultan at least while playing I forget what I was stressing about… things I don’t have , things I have , things I want, things I have to do…. All planning fails when you let yourself lose to enjoy these petite flashes of life which you spent making yourself happy and making your loved ones happy

I cannot bring back what I lost however I can cherish what I have and enjoy my life with every single move…


Today after so many days I heard birds chirping out at my undersized backyard. Good morning to life….








The path we chose is waiting for us to walk on

It makes us meet people in the form of teachers, friends and loved ones

To love is our basic nature

Often we forget this by killing our sub conscious treasure

We fall in love with many

Time makes us lose them brutally

At the end of the day we walk with the flashes of our lives

We forget the words which people recite

We forget the ways which sometimes makes us hum our path in our lives

All we remember are moments which we live with our loved ones right

After all we chose the path to walk on with many yet alone in time…



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