Colors in my life


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Living my life happily while pink being my favorite
Green bringing me happy times
Yellow bringing prosperity with waves
Red infusing in me shine
Purple helping me to connect with divine
Happiness was always around me with a silver line
Wondering what darker colors might be
What they would bring if I tried to paint them in my life
I had a wish once but then I forgot everything with time
Enduring my life gladly welcoming everyone burnishing orange aura inside
Once, I met a man who promised me wedding
He assured me future together in Pink with time
Alas, he was my mistake, my crime
I trusted him blindly cause all I knew what brighter colors taught me in my life
I imagined my life with pink inside
Sharing my life with some one who enjoyed brighter shades of life
My heart cried when I realized
He was an evil in black
Smartly with his words he stole my peace wrapped in white
He grabbed my aura and swallowed all brighter colors of my life
I was left without light
I was scared to move ahead in time
My life was all turned to black bean
Experiencing loneliness and depression
I learned to cribbing and clinging
I experienced brown as a dust on my sight
I prayed to almighty to bring me some light
I wanted my colors back
I don’t want darker shades in my life
Ask and shall be given said a
Goddess in violet flame
She was heavenly guide
She sent a seraph in my life
He bought all the bright colors with bitter lemon by his side
He made them echoed divinly in my ears
My heart started racing fast as I was all blue at that time
I utter words with grey in distress
I could not trust
All I felt was used
I told him I wanted to give away darker shades
They are killing me inside
I feel I cannot love again
I cried
He smiled at me and said
I have come from a Golden light
Where angels stays and guides
He made me close my eyes
He said I am your guide
Trust me I will make you meet again all the bright colors in time
Those which once made you shine
If only you promise me you will open your heart to bring all kind of colors in time
Never fear as all colors will teach you new gears
The moment I promised him with closed eyes
Inside I felt humdrum as if I was bidding good bye to grey, brown, blue, black and welcoming white
Like every victim I asked him why me
He said once you did a mistake of asking darker shades in your life with glee
You wished for it once and forgot with time
Alas, you could not adjust them and digest them inside
Since you have been given this life to search pink inside
Black will never make you rhyme
Take my hand and trust me one more time
I have always fulfilled your wishes as I am your guide
I was with you when you rejected violet light and trusted evil to play rhymes
I am with you when you asked for golden layer to protect you from evil
This only wakes up with a negative inside
I will be with you when you will be finding pink again and squinting at life
The one who is destined for you is not far  
Only if you choose to take away brown from your eyeball
Accepting that was just an experience not a scar
That which you called for
I opened my eyes in trust
I found bright colors around me
I saw orange burnishing my aura
I welcomed back  Pink by my side
Alas I was still searching it inside me
My solar plexus was full of yellow
I could still feel bit grey
That sometimes made me low
I promised to my guide that I will never do wishful thinking
The one which made me cry once with time
I chose to celebrate my life with those who drink love in the form of red wine
The door of my heart is now opened with white
Meeting people with time
It will take away the little grey which is still with me deep inside
My guide took my hand in light guiding me towards brighter colors
I thanked him for his guidance with all colors
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