Moments we live or Choices we make?

Every morning is a new day, we wake up and pray for our loved ones happiness. We want everyone to be happy around but even though we pray for others forgetting what we are choosing on to. Yes, l we make a choice on how to start our day. Isn’t it?

Yesterday was one of those days when I let my  life flow free because sub consciously I chose  for it to be I guess…

02nd October, Gandhi Jayanti, birthday of the father of nation (Who is the mother of nation and why don’t we get off on her birthday, I am still searching my answer for that) any way, for me, it was a holiday. Sometimes I do enjoy my holidays by being lazy, sitting at home during weekends watching movies on Romedy movies or HBO and ordering food from outside and by  later half I doze off as if all of the week my task was to trade horses but some holidays requests me to get out and enjoy the world outside.. And yesterday it was something from inside which grooved my senses and I was out with my friends who are my family. .


Besides knowing the fact that Rozy is unwell and she needed rest, we dragged her out. (Praying in our hearts that she won’t faint on the road) so, we progressed our day by visiting a nearby mall.  As usual mall has too many shops and I guess none of us were interested in buying anything… roaming here and there likes a languid lasses we ended up at food  court and enjoyed  our food at Karim’s, ummm non veg is my weakness sometimes… I think our energy buttons were pressed after that ..


The moment we were out from the food court, our eyes rolled towards a kids’ corner… What do we have there?  Loads of kids playing games? Come on we all are grown ups , it’s not our age,  usual thinking took all over our minds  but when we all looked at each other with mischievous smiles we knew that nobody knows who we are and our inner child was constantly pushing us to go inside the kids zone.

We witnessed young parents along with their children. When my eyes were incisively looking around at the crowd I noticed my favorite game… yes that was grabbing a toy from a machine. Could I resist myself? To hell with who is thinking what… It’s time to play…


The guy at the counter gave us a card of 500 INR and my first hit was that machine where I could grab a toy of course for my puppy who was waiting for me at home .. Alas, I lost and ended up collecting some tickets… What is this? (I am inquisitive many times) .

I went to the counter holding those tickets in my hand, the guy smiled and said go inside play more and bring me more tickets then I will give you a gift.


All three of us looked at each other and decided to move ahead, there we noticed youngsters like us playing table tennis. Okay, then what is in us that is stopping? Why can’t we play? STOOPID US..

But our darling Rozy was more hesitant and felt tired.  Was it necessary for us to remind her that she was a Basket ball champion in her school days? What can we do to take her away from her ongoing depression?  Simple, DRAG HER and that is what we did.

Then my younger sister, she thought all this is childish.. it was easy to convince her when I showed her, her favorite sport. Yes, bowling.. then there was no looking back.

Was an angel dancing inside me? Why was I convincing everyone?  The child in me not only wanted me to enjoy but my darlings along with me too..


We all played foot ball, bowling, video games, cricket (2 over’s each) and yes our favorite part clicking pictures.. How can I defy that? Especially when a toy car was in front of me.. I ended up giving ideas to many.. After us, everyone sat in that toy car and got their pictures clicked..


We all ended up collecting plenty of tickets; those tickets helped us win a cute smiley yellow ball and three pencils…  Sultan (my puppy) he deserved the ball  after all, he sat all alone on his own in the house while we were out there playing and three pencils were divided between three of us.

I found Rozy was relaxed and fresh too, she was happy and we were happy that she chose to be happy after 3 months I guess. (That is another thing that her fever shoot up after that and we had to rush her home back to take some rest but she did enjoyed I guess). I saw my sister’s inner child made her so happy that she herself said that next time the treat is on her and we would definitely enjoy like this in some other mall may be.

I realized that the happy moments that we spent yesterday by pampering our inner child was our choice. We all hold tiny boxes in our heart. A box which has sadness,   a box which has happiness, and a box which has contentment with life and so on. Every day we choose to open a box to lead our lives.

I am glad that we all made a right choice by opening a box of happiness for a while yesterday forgetting where our lives are going at present, the ongoing stress in our lives… At that time, we were tiny kids who were not bothered about who was  looking at us, who is making fun of us and who was doing what.  All we were doing was letting our heart do what we want…


Life is all about making choices, A choice to be happy in the present moment while giggling for a better tomorrow or a choice to be gloomy which leads to other negatives such as depression, jealousies etc .  At the end of the day, I had learnt that , when we are on the stage of being sad, we end up noticing what  others are doing with  their lives not knowing where our lives are leading us.


So, I am happy that I giggled, I enjoyed and I am a happy person today… If someone has a problem with my happiness (though I often get rude jokes and comments from my ex colleagues and so called friends) I think it’s their choice. After all they too carry a box in their hearts which they wish to open everyday… why should I be bothered about what they are saying behind my back? I had lived my moment, I had made my choice…  and I will continue to do so  again and again with time.. My choice , My life ..Image


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