Once Upon a time

In the era of 1480, the existence of witches and angels were known by humans. However, witches have always been given negative publicity due to which humans used to get scared of them. I am not saying that  bad witches do not exists, yes they do and  I have read many true stories where people have encountered good witches and bad witches.
After 1780, the witchcraft was legalized and the birth of Pagan was in front of human eyes and it still exists. People do practice witchcraft mainly in North America and Europe. But in India too we have a well know witch her name is Ipsita Roy . I have read plenty of books of her too.
I just thought of giving you a brief introduction before starting my story to those also who are not aware of the term witch or consider it only bad. So, here it is an imaginary story for all my dear readers.
Once upon a time, when people just came to know about witches and were scared of them. A lady named Rosy with her twin son and a  handsome husband James were staying in a village of France. A happy and contented family , the villagers often complimented  the beautiful couple and their cute kids of course.
Life was going good for the husband and wife. They had good and intelligent kids who always used to make their parents proud .
School of Kids were across the river, the river which most of the  people used to cross in a bunch as there were stories that witches kill kids near the river.
Rosy being a lovable home maker and part time helper of her husband in the farm never used to give attention to these stories and used to send and bring back kids on her own every day.
Rosy’s husband James used to sell fruits for living to the country side people.  He often used to come back after sun set. Life was going smooth for the family when once a wave struck to the village that a witch is roaming around the village . There was a notice from the governor that no one will be out from there respective house after sunset and no body will walk around  alone.
Rosy  and her husband found it weird , according to them witches exists in fairy tales  and it was  just a rumor.  Besides warnings from people around, they continued their usual routine without being aware of the  upcoming  wave.
Witches used to hunt for beautiful girls once their  beauty started  to diminish and Rosy being the most beautiful woman in the village and well known by villagers was noticed by the witch. Yes, she had an eye on her. She wanted her beauty but the villagers had secured the village territory by chanting mantras and burning essence. She had no way to enter the village and she wanted Rosy’s beauty so that her luster could come back and her skin could be young again.
The witch decided to play a lark. She took the human form and with her magical powers which were dying along with her she sprinkled some essence which could make her young for another 12 hours.
Witch had only 12 hours on her hand to kill Rosy and takeaway her beauty
She went into a secluded place and sprinkled that magical essence and became younger and sexier woman. Her repulsed, jittery, shaky body was now rich and beautiful that any man could fall for her  but the time was only 12 hours !!!!!!!!
Like every day, Rosy went to see off her kids along with other children nearby. She quickly bid them good bye . Witch was watching her glorious young body and beautiful face, indeed Rosy looked like an angel sent from above, her long hair were lustrous and her skin was young and fair .  This made witch wonder how a mother of two kids can be so beautiful.
Rosy turned her back to move towards the field to help her husband, when she noticed a young beautiful girl with innocent looks and sexy body standing near the tree across the river calling Rosy for help. Rosy screamed what is the matter? why are you  standing there come here ..
Witch could not come cause of the powers of prayers were strong on the side where Rosy was standing. She tricked Rosy. She said she was attacked by a witch last night and she escaped from her prison however she could not walk. She wanted help.
Rosy, being a lady with golden heart decided to help her. She moved forward innocently to help lest  she knew that she would be in trap of the witch.
Poor Rosy crossed the river to help her and there she was. The moment Rosy touched her , she came into her real self that actually made Rosy shudder with fear.
She tried to run away from there but witch pulled her from her long hair and took her to her mother Devil who in turn of Rosy’s blood would  give them younger looks. Rosy was crying and pleading but her plea went unnoticed when she reached Devil’s empire.
Rosy never trusted in demons and witches but now she could trust her eyes. She was horrified to her last breath when she witnessed the other world and the thorne of an evil . She was crying and stunned too with her mouth wide opened  when she  saw ghosts all around . Her heart beat was racing and she could hear it in her throat .
She pleaded devil ‘smother to leave her  but they all laughed the devilish laughter .
On the other hand , James was worried and enquired about his wife from the villagers where everyone  said that they saw her bidding good bye to kids near the river.
That day, James did not go tothe  city to sell fruits. He himself went to the river during the day time to pick up the kids  but his eyes was searching for her. She was no where , his heart was telling him that witch has taken her away but he refused to believe in the stories told by villagers about witches . He was tired of  searching for his wife and broke off at last.
Everyone gathered around him and decided to pray for Rosy.
As an old saying goes prayers never goun noticed, they all saw a white feather falling on James head. That was an indication from an angel that  Rosy will be protected but could Rosy be protected in that devious world?
Devil ‘smother announced that on full moon day which will be day after ,Rosy will be killed and the witches will be young again for hundreds of year. A time and date was set for Rosy .Rosy  still could not believe that she was in the world of Devils.
She had given up on her but missed her husband and kids. She started praying for them and their well being .
No bad has all good and no good has all bad. Among the devilish witch there was  an angel witch who saw Rosy’s tear and decided to help her.
She was secret agent of angels and she used to inform all the devious activities to angels due to which plenty of times these devils used to get defeated , however no one was aware of that.
The good witch then went out to meet the Angel and informed about Rosy and her tears. She told her that if she is not saved by tomorrow morning she will be dead and the devious witches will be young and powerful and will be good to create bad magic which is not good for humans.
Angel ‘s  heard and promised her that Rosy’s life will be saved.


She ran towards her Angelic realm to inform all the Angels so that they all could take an action against this devil witches. However, nothing was possible without the permission of Angel mother.
The angel consulted Angel god mother by that time it was already morning of the next day and the celebration between Devil witches had   started. They all were dancing, after all within few hours they all would be young and beautiful, moreover, more powerful to lead the negative activities on earth.
Rosy was praying continuously for her husband and kids .  On the other hand they were praying for her. The bond of the family was strong and that led to the birth of faith in Rosy’s will.


All of sudden,  Rosy started searching for her way out. Alas, she could not find anything. Meanwhile, Angels got permission to help Rosy as they could hear plenty of prayers coming for her .
One of the Angel took step forward and with  her magic she turned herself into Devil’s  God mother, she went inside and dragged Rosy from her hair, no body could notice that it was an angel in the form of Devil God mother and they let her go.
She took her out and the other angels outside helped Rosy to reach earth.
Rosy could not thank them enough and was crying continuously. She said now I know witches exist and they are bad, when angels looked at her and informed her that it because of one of the witch that her life is saved. They asked her to remember not every good is fully good and not every bad is fully bad. There is in an equilibrium and hence she must trust that if bad exists good is nearby and vice versa..
They said that the witch also informed them that she had  lost hope and informed her that prayers are powerful and whenever you will call for help we will be there  hence never lose hope.
Rosy smiled and they left her near the river to go back to her husband and kids. The moment she entered the village   everybody started questioning her and she narrated the whole story to them. She kissed her husband and kids and thanked them for being a part of her life .

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