Clearing Junk

When I was young, I used to collect coins and stamps. I used to have a book of mine with various stamps of all countries… somehow I lost it and with time my hobbies of collecting stamps and coins disappeared.
I entered my teens and I had developed a habit of cutting articles and pasting them to my dairy. I had created 2 or 3 dairies I guess in which I had collected different kind of articles  for example what your writing says, how to predict future by playing cards, how to decipher doodles etc ..
Yes, I had huge collection of greeting cards and slam books which were given and filled by my friends respectively.
Then, with time I learnt healings, while learning different kind of healings I was taught by my teacher that it is very necessary to clear your mind of junk. Junk not as in Junk food.No wonder I loved junk food but somehow with time I learnt to meditate on my needs and wants and learnt to clear my mind of junk.
As an old saying goes, once you decide your path, your teacher appears.  I had been through a very bad patch of my life in 2009 till 2012. During those years, my own skills on removing junk from my mind did not help me.
I moved forward and took astrology as a light to my life. Astrology taught me the same thing . Well, this time to clear your mind from clutter you must clear your surroundings which you had cluttered. Yes, for years, I was collecting clutter in the form of old coins, stamps , making books which I hardly touched, collecting things and then never looking at them, clothes that I bought but never wore. Those were clutter of my lives which with time created junk in my thoughts. I am not going to disclose it affects which planet otherwise I might end up writing thesis and this topic of junk would never end.
However, Junk in life comes from our surroundings which we created. We buy things or keep things thinking we will use it in another 6 months or so however that particular time never comes and we end up keeping it safe.
Watches which are not working however, gifted by someone who is close to our heart… never thought that too could be a reason for distress in my life.
Then comes face book, we keep on adding people , those who do not talk to us but yes just sitting as a contact cause we think one day someday this particular person can be used as a contact, what are they doing?? Creating Junk on your profile…
Junk is everywhere around us if we look carefully, in our thoughts, in our homes, surroundings, in the form of people, on internet… it is upto us to clear it for the sake of our happiness, clear mind, clear thinking and above all peace.
I think I have shown you enough of JUNK it is time for some clearing…