Past, Present or Future?

Living in the world which makes me breathe my thoughts
Bringing out emotions which sometimes proves me a fool in bouts
Once I sat near river thinking where did I go wrong?
And where will I lead my future
Where do I belong?
I met three wise men walking around
They had weird way to introduced themselves to me
All of them were making weird faces
Sometimes smiling sometimes crying sometimes in tears
Wearing different dresses
I asked them who are they and why they are around me
They introduced themselves as past, present and future to me
I am past sometimes I make you rejoice with happy moments
Sometimes I bring tears to your present moments
Present said I am not the future
People often confuses me with him because we look similar
I am now in the moment which will be past soon
It is up to you to make the best out of me
So that you don’t carry burden to your fortune
Future said I am no where yet I am with you
I am guided by present and pushed by past
They are my brothers those who always lasts
People talk about me in thoughts
However I am no where
Yet here I am in aghast
I heard the introduction and asked them why you are here to meet me
They said we are here to let you lead your life without any agony
Whatever is done cannot be changed
Whatever you will do will make you the kind of a person what you are today
Don’t worry about our dear future he is invisible nowhere yet around
We all are triplets of one mother
Past was discarded
 Coz he fell down on the ground
Future is immobile but taken care off
He always flies away from my mother’s hands
Trust me
He won’t blossom roses on sands
He won’t make you hear bands
You live your life with me
I am taken care of by my mother with glee
I will lead you to future which will soon become history
As I am a gift to you from my mother undeniably
My mother is no stranger
She is well known by a name called life
In your world definitely
I said how convincing you are to me
But why past and future chose to be silent in front of thee
He said I am my mother’s favorite son
She chose me to guide everyone
So here I am
Clasp your hand with mine
And together we will shine
Forget past and future
They are lost with time
I will be faithful to you
I will be you sunshine
Will you be mine?

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