Celebrating Life


Life used to be fun

When I enjoyed my nights with a glass of beer or rum

It use to make me forget life’s humdrum

Enjoying with people who called themselves my friend

Once you are out of the bar

No one cared

Living my life with this kind of distress

I saw changes in my behavior

That made me realized I was so full of stress

I wanted to be out of this page3 stories

I wanted to make these friends my history

Alas! I thought it was celebration of life

After a while I realized

Somewhere I was leading a lonely life

Losing all those who cared for me

I kept of living this life with negative theory’s

My Ego became so strong that it took my own symphony

Still a glass of beer and wine lead my story

Enjoying every night at bar

Calling it celebration but still searching happiness in my heart

I saw a young man staring at me

He looked at me and smiled

He said you are yet to learn how to celebrate life

I was mesmerized with his words

He looked wise

He clasped his hand with mine

And took me out of the bar

There he made me look at twinkling stars

Life is celebration when you choose to see divine in your heart

Rejoicing every night in the bar

This beer and wine will not give you  your desire of your heart

You are living in dark

I was impressed by his thought

There is nothing wrong in trying what he asked

Okay leed me to light

I promise I will choose divine

If only my loneliness is killed with happiness inside

He smiled again and took me to his world

Where I met people who celebrated their lives

Every minute, every second of the time

Transition bought me irritation for a while

However I had learnt that celebrating every day

With gratitude residing in my heart

There is no place for loneliness inside

Hence every day I celebrate life


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