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Non- Sequitur: When Tuk Tuk met Kooky

It was the beginning of autumn; Tuk Tuk the only female bitch in the locality was roaming around when she spotted a new neighbor, along with them, a Dog!!
A  brown handsome Splits breed.
Wow, he is of my kind and so handsome however I am white and he is brown how can this be?  Tuk Tuk started her mission of chasing Kooky where ever he went.
Kooky knew he was handsome, after all all the bitches of his locality where he stayed earlier were after him. The pride on his face was visible. He noticed Tuk Tuk coming after him but then he was the handsome dude and the only dog in the locality. Let her chase me the ego inside this tiny dog said.
The chasing game continued for a week, when Kooky’s family introduced themselves to Tuk Tuk’s family yes this was the day when they formally wagged their tales to each other saying Hello! Their eyes met and they fall in love at the first sight.
They became friends and both of them were enjoying their  love life , creating babies and getting emotionally attached.
When all of sudden, a new dog came into the locality he was a cute cocker spaniel his name was Mr. Picky Picky, he was cute with his ears dancing on his face.
Tuk Tuk found him cute and immediately praised his beauty in front of Kooky.
Kooky being jealous decided to teach this new Mr. Picky Picky a lesson.
Being friends with a dog of a truck driver outside the locality they both planed to hit Mr. Picky Picky with a forklift.
Two days after, Kooky was chasing Tuk Tuk and he spotted her wagging her tale to Mr. Picky Picky. Oh! Something inside him was burning, may be his heart, considering himself the most handsome dog he could never imagine that his bitch will roam around with other dogs.
He ran towards Mr. Picky Picky and growled, picky picky being a gentle dog ran inside his home.
Kooky warned Tuk Tuk and told her that he is keeping an eye on her.
Picky Picky and Tuk tuk started meeting each other without any knowledge of Kooky but Kooky knew everything about their new relationship.
A week after Kooky and his friend hit Mr. Picky Picky with a forklift
Mr. Picky Picky was scared and ran into his house for two days there was no sign of Mr. Picky Picky on the street that made Tuk Tuk miserable. She decided to meet Picky Picky the other night when he informed that
He tried to hit me with a forklift!!
Tuk Tuk could not trust his words and howled. Kooky was watching her without her knowledge. She decided to speak to Kooky about this incident the other day but it was too late.
Kooky without meeting Tuk Tuk left locality with his family and never came back. After all, Tuk Tuk played with his heart and his ego which constantly told him that he was the only handsome dog was broken into pieces.


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