I am there for you


Whenever I am gloomy
Whenever my heart beats with a negative story
I have my imaginary friend
He comes instantly
He takes my hand and twists my perceptions
He guides me to the right direction
Leading me to his world
The one which exists without any fear of evil
Once he took me for a journey into my mind
I saw thousands of flowers in his garden
Which he bejeweled with delight
To make me feel alright
My sad day became happy
As if all I am witnessing is real beauty
He plucked a flower for me with a smile
He asked me to sit by his side
As I sat near to him
He guided me to why I lose my direction in dime
Asking me to ignore the nebulous happenings
Evil will come in the form of gender and race
He will trouble your peace of mind to an extend
If you keep on thinking whether what you did was insane
He will win his game
Whenever evil pinches you
Call my name
I will be there for you
To hold you
To be with you
Without any shame
I am your angel
In the form of imaginary comrade
Come close to me when this world starts its blame game
I will take you to my world where I planted roses for you
That will delight your perception towards life
 And lead you to your aim right
That indeed will make evil full of shame
Trust me you are my sweetheart on this plane
Whenever you are gloomy
Think of me and I’ll be there for you J