A white Rose

Cynthia, a girl in her late 20’s, heartbroken but still believed that  true love resided somewhere.
A thought with which she grew up “Someone Somewhere is made for you” made her attract men who were least interested in her but more interested in her millions in the bank which her parents left for her before they passed away in an unfortunate car accident.
Cynthia being an only daughter inherited all the property of her parents, but, with property came big responsibilities. Making their empire stand still in business world, she had to learn all the trading skills but somewhere in her heart she wanted to be married and settled. She often used to consult physics’ about her life ahead.
Her room was filled up with the romantic novels, pictures and movies but all that took a back stage when she started learning and reading about business.
Slowly, her life was becoming dull and monotonous; her friends left her one by one. All she was engaged was on dealing, trading, talking business, and eating breakfast while holding business meetings.
It was during September, on her birthday, when she made her birthday bash into a board room she collapsed.
The people around started hassle, paparazzi started taking pictures, butlers called up 911. The big ball room became a news room.
Cynthia opened her eyes in a hospital, where there was no one around her to ask for her well being.
Doctor stood in front of her and told her that she was very near to stroke and it is by God’s grace that she was saved. She needed  to take rest and go out for holidays for a while.
Holidays? Who should I go with was the first question on Cynthia’s mind. All of sudden, she realized that she is a changed personalities and all she has is business rivals no friends.  Nevertheless, her father’s brother came to the hospital to see her after she was conscious.
He offered hera ticket to Europe. Cynthia was bit hesitant but her uncle loved her like his daughter and also helped her during her emotional escaping when her parents died.
Cynthia started wondering how she will enjoy all alone. Who will take care of her business?  Her brain started working overtime, this uneasiness was seized by her uncle and he promised that he will take care for her business till the time she will be back.
Cynthia realized that unknowingly she had invited loneliness in her life, but now it was difficult to get rid of that as none of her friends will revert  her calls.  Half heartedly, she went to the Airport.
She was waiting for her flight to be announced, when she heard a male voice calling her name.
She turned back. It was John.
John was her childhood friend, now happily married with two kids.
She smiled at him. For a moment she thought she will have a company.
 Hey where are you leading to John?
I am going to Holland to attend a family function. My wife and kids have already reached there. By the way, I read about your health in newspaper. I hope you are good.
Yeah, allgood.
They both smiled.
So where are you going?
I am off on holiday as advised by a doctor. I will be travelling to Europe .
Great, why don’t you come along?
No. No it’s your family thing what will I do?
Oh Come on Cynthia, you have always been a part of our family. Remember?
It’s my younger brother’s marriage ceremony. Come along
Hey,congratulations. But no, I don’t feel I should come like this.
Cynthia was hesitant but John knew her well, he grabbed her from shoulder and took her to ticket reservation counter.
No John, I can’t come.
Well, why in the name of God you cannot join? It has been years and we missed you. Stay for three days and then you can carry on with your tour.
Cynthia took a deep breath.
You won’t listen.
They both talked about their good old days in the flight till they reached Holland.
The business woman in Cynthia chose to take a cat nap while romantic Cynthia with her glowing vibe who was missed came to form.
John’s wife was also surprised and happy to see Cynthia after a long time.
They all laughed, cried, talked, discussed and two days passed. The big day for John’s brother, his marriage was there.
Cynthia dressed up beautifully and stepped into the church. This was for the first time in all these years that she did make up; she had time to pamper herself.  She was glowing.
Her beauty caught everyone’s eye.  Her eyes were twinkling as if she was the bride.
A child instantly came running to her offering her a white rose. She said thanks and did not bother who sent it; she took it and enjoyed the ceremony in the morning.
Later in the evening, when reception party for the newly married couple was on, she again received a white rose. This time she was concerned because she did not knew anyone in the gathering except John and his wife, though she did acquainted with many but who was sending her white rose was the question.
Next morning, she packed her bags to explore Europe. She hugged everyone and thanked them for their hospitality; she hired a car to drive on her own.
A Ferrari in red color, yes that was her color. She was keeping her luggage in the car when she noticed a white rose again lying on the front seat.
She looked around, but she could not spot anyone around. She shrugged her shoulders and sat in the car to move further.
She reached the country of romance, France. She was so tired after driving so long that she checked in and slept.
She woke up next morning; she ordered coffee to get her out of tiring journey. Her idea to drive on her own was killing her. She preferred to stay at the hotel whole day relaxing.
In the evening she went out to check out the beauty of Eiffel tower. Somewhere, her instinct told her that someone was following her but she kept on walking and all of sudden turned, she witnessed a young man behind her carrying a white rose in his hand.
Who are you? Why you were following me? Before she could ask all these obvious questions she witnessed the white rose in his hand. Without thinking or talking to a man, she reflexively drew her hand towards the rose and took it with a smile. She kept on staring at the rose.
Ahem Ahem, said the man
Cynthia immediately came into her senses and realized the kind of stupidity she did.
Oh! I am sorry. Here take your rose back
No, it is for you.
Hi, I am Kevin from Holland. I saw you at my friend’s wedding. You were looking lovely that day.
Cynthia stared at the man for a minute and broke her silence.
So, you are the one who were sending white roses and now you are here stalking me.
Well, if you think it is stalking that yes it is. I am hungry, have been waiting for you throughout the day for you to come. I was sitting outside your hotel. Won’t you have a heart to take your hungry stalker for dinner?
What? Cynthia was surprised at this man’s courage
Do you know who I am?
Looking straight into Cynthia’s eyes, yes, a girl following loneliness
Cynthia did not made eye contact may be because somewhere she knew he was right
He asked do you know who I am.
Yeah, you just told me your name Kevin
No, I am a stalker from your point of view and your lover from my point of view.
Cynthia smiled and talked to herself, in her mind, as it is the journey is lonely, I can take him for a ride.
A business woman was taking a cat nap with one eye open inside her.
Well, since you are good at flirting and with your words. I will buy you dinner tonight.
They both smiled and walked along, enjoying the beauty of Paris.
Kevin did not asked any personal question but made her laugh throughout the time he was with her
It was almost 1 am when Cynthia looked at her wrist watch. She had to move tomorrow to other destination too.
Okay, you were good company Kevin. I enjoyed your flirting skills throughout the dinner. You made me laugh from my heart but now I think you should go back to Holland. I got to leave, I need to travel tomorrow.
Kevin stared at her lips while she was talking. All was on his mind was a kiss from this beautiful girl.
Cynthia saw him staring at her lips and she knew what was he up to… to bring him back to reality she saidHey Kevin, did you hear me
Kevin got baffled, yes, what… Yeah sure I will go back home
She gave a sarcastic smile which somewhere said I know what you are up to and started walking back towards the hotel.
Both of them were silent.
Sup; here is your hotel Madam. Good night.
Cynthia thought that he would try to kiss her but he being a gentleman just smiled.
Yeah, bye and thank you for your company tonight.
Well, Paris looks beautiful when you roam around with your lover otherwise it is not fun city.
Voila. Aurevoir
She kept on staring at him and he turned his back and moved on.
Cynthia could not sleep the whole night she twisted and turned and kept on thinking about Kevin.
Yes, she liked him but who was he? Where did he come from and what is the motive behind stalking her was the questions which aroused in her.
She woke up the next morning with smile on her face, for the first time there were no urgent messages, there were no meetings to be fixed. She felt relaxed but empty cause she did not had anything to do who does she communicate with?
While pondering on these questions she gazed out of the room’s window.  Her sight caught Kevin staring at the hotel while holding a white rose. Something inside her made her happy at once, but wait, she is rich and single, whether this guy too is after her money? She decided to test his sincerity.
After all, the business woman in her ruined her brains.
Cynthia checked out from the hotel and straight away marched towards Kevin.
Kevin gave her a big smile and wished her good morning with a smile.
For a moment, her anger took a set back and she smiled a little bit gazing at the rose but wait she cannot an easy catch just because she is approaching 30’s she cannot give herself to any man just like that.
Look Kevin, last night the dinner was good, the laugh we shared was rocking but now I think you should leave.
Kevin gazed deep into her eyes as if he is reading her thoughts. She is right now thinking something else and speaking something else.
The conversation between the eyes started. Cynthia realized that he had not shaved  today and his lips were parched but he was looking hot. She was going weak on her knees but she grasped herself by repeating her words with harshness in her tone.
Kevin, did you hear me? Go back to Holland.
Lady, it’s time that you should leave
Yes, you are the one who is supposed to leave Paris to move ahead to explore Europe, you leave
Now this made her confused actually why am I asking him to leave was the question in her mind.
Ok Whatever! Said Cynthia because somewhere she felt stupid. She walked towards her car but looked back at Kevin he was staring her with his arms fold.
She wanted him but was not ready to accept that.
She turned her car and move ahead and then all of sudden she took her car back and  stood in front of Kevin.
Well, if you want me to come along with you then I will drive the car
Now you are trying to dominate me Kevin
As you wish
Ok come
He turned the car and they precede their journey of more than 400 miles.
Disregarding this morning’s conversation they both talked about their college lives and pranks they used to play.
None of them talked about their families or the ongoing problems or the present situation.  They made fun of people around while travelling, they stopped at the restaurant and had food while making stories of what the people around must be saying or doing.
They reached Switzerland and decided to leave the car there and spend over a week and move back to their respective countries.
They checked into the same room as the closeness was imminent as they travelled and got to know each other little bit. This time Cynthia realized that she was in love.
Kevin came out of the bathroom and she saw his six packs and his muscles. She felt weak again but this time she decided to let it be. They both made love. Enjoyed their outings without any commitments the D day appeared when it was time to go back.
Cynthia did not want to leave Kevin but nothing was committed between the two. On the other hand she could notice sadness in Kevin’s eye. They both recalled their first kiss, the first touch which they shared between themselves and bid good bye to each other at the Airport.
Cynthia saw Kevin going. He turned back and she was looking at him already. He said Cynthia;if we are destined to meet again we will meet. He smiled, waved and boarded on to his plane.
Cynthia too boarded her plane, she cried uncontrollably during the flight.
She reached backLondon and her days started like they were earlier. She did missed Kevin and the time they spent with each other but the business woman inside her once again captured the romantic Cynthia inside her
Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. It was in December when everyone was celebrating Christmas and Cynthia was all alone in her house once again hugged by loneliness.
She missed Kevin and wanted to call him but she didn’t after all when he did not bother why she should.
She checked her mails there were all mails from respective clients with wishes of Christmas but her eyes were searching for one name, she kept on scrolling and she could not find his name. Yes, she was searching for Kevin.
Holding a glass of wine in her hand looking herself into mirror she wished herself merry Christmas exactly at 12.
That day, she was kind towards her staff and gave them a week off.
All of sudden, a door bell rang.
Who could be at this hour? She went to open the door and there was no one but a bunch of white flowers lying with a note.
Her eyes twinkled as if she knew that it was Kevin who sent her these flowers. She wanted to call him instantly but wait she must confirm first.
She read a note which said
By the moon as I sit to seek your glory,
The white roses I see created a new story.
Seasons are many, their reasons are few
What remains is that I will always love you.  Merry Christmas Kevin
She jumped and her heart was happy. She tried calling Kevin but the number was no reply.
She left a message on his answering machine and slept peacefully that day.
Next day, there was no sign of Kevin, nor did he respond back to her message which she left that made her feel bit weird.
Her business woman inside her mind said: Look I told you he was only interested in your money. Bloody dominating bastard.
She looked at the newspaper that day and saw Kevin’s picture with the Queen. Her eyes could not believe that Kevin was declared the number one business tycoon in his own field.
She felt bad for the words she used for Kevin and realized he was never after her money.
That morning the door bell rung again and this time it was Kevin holding a white rose for his lady with a smile.
She hugged him instantly.
Why you did not pick up the phone last night
May be I wanted to look at my picture first in the new paper cause you are a busy woman who knows if you have forgotten my face
They both smiled at each other.
Kevin, why do you always give me white rose
My darling, you have read so many books  don’t you know when you look at the white rose and present it to someone you love that means that person was your soul mate in other past life and you were destined to meet each other in the present life time.
Is it?
Yes my love. I loved you then and I love you now. You will always be my girl no wonder what.
They both kissed each other passionately and got married the same day

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