Perception, of me through his eyes

I find you a desire to be wanted by all
I find your words touching my scars
I find your smooth body calling me
Every second, every minute, every hour
You are my only beloved
It keeps on telling me like a reminder call
Sometimes I act as a desperate lover in thee
But this becomes a story when you are with me
I am your every heartbeat
I love your beautiful eye that often stares at me
Oh my darling, you are a part of me
Sometimes you are naughty
Sometimes you make me taste green tea
But that is a delight when I am with thee
I feel you are a part of me
My darling you reside in every corner in me
You are warrior like xena
You never let anyone come near you easily
You are like mother Teresa
The one who enjoys helping her enemy
You can become crude at times
If someone troubles you with a phrase you should do this according to me
You can become guiding light
When you are all smiles hidden deep
That is my perception of you honey
I feel you with my every heart beat