In my mind

Walking down the lane
I met a sturdy man
He smiled at me as if I was his dame
I turned my back and found him calling my name
I stopped and twisted my head
Who are you in God’s name?
I am you lover
I have been with you all these summers
In your mind you called me your imaginary friend
Oh Dear! I could not trust my heart
I found him at last
Why have you been imaginary for so long I asked?
You were living with too much of logic
That made me stopped
Now when you have trusted your intuition
And realized how sensitive you are
I am here in front of you surpassing every obstacle after a long stop
I was mesmerized I could not trust my eyes
He is the same guy I have been living with in my imaginations for a while
Yes, I am sensitive to energies
Never did I thought that it will lead me to where I wanted to be
I gave away my logic to get my intuition
That way I lived happily without any concretion