Yes, I am sensitive


I met a seer once with a heavy heart and shame

She squinted into a crystal ball and asked me

Shoot me your difficulty

Without holding anything against

I opened my heart to her

Telling her my tale

Living in this world of logic

I am being called sensitive

I sometimes feel I am no where

I am not intelligent like others

I do not carry fame

She smiled at me and gazed

Oh my lovely, today is your day

You will meet a sturdy brawny man

He will take one of your senses away

I was shaken to hear her words

Before I could question her

She took her crystal ball

And disappeared in her caravan

I was restless throughout the day

I observed everyman I met during the date

Alas, I could not find any man

The one who would take my one sense away

At last I thought all I played was a silly game

Considering lady as a fake

I slept under the stars like a peaceful dame

In my dreams

I saw myself searching for something around the woods

When I encountered a strange man out of the blues

Staring at me with his Haggard eyes

It was a furious guise

I was dressed the Appian way

I saw myself running towards him

He was standing there at rest

Yes, he was a sturdy brawny man

Like the woman said

His appearance took my breath away

Am I meeting my lover in this life time?

That was the question

Dancing on to my mind

I stopped in front of him

Questioning his existence

As if I am a queen of some place

He smiled at me as if he knew me very well

He said I am a trader in dream world

I sell senses to the earthly plane

I could not understand I said

He smiled and said

Give me your logic and I will give you something in return

 To cherish your earthly life without any shame

I was mesmerized with his beauty

All I could see was he was reflecting love in me

I very graciously gave my logic away

He gave me intuition in return and said

You don’t have to be intelligent

You don’t have to be what others are

Yes, you are sensitive

On your earthly plane

You have always been sensitive in past lives you lived with me

Sadly, you are not allowed to remember all these

Now the gift which I give it to thee

It will help you to see reflection of love in every tiny being

This will take you out from competition my honey

You will witness appreciation

Whatever you will do will be guided to you by your masters

Through intuition

Don’t trouble yourself to think hard

Your job is to breathe

Yes, you thought right I am your lover

I will meet you on your earth plane in this life

When you will  bemore sensitive

 To understand and to guide

I opened my eyes with a blink

As if I actually met this man

And it was not a dream

The lady whom I met

Was true indeed

Yes he took my logic away and gave me insight

That I desperately seek

I can never forget his face

He promised me a meeting on this earthly realm

If only I would listen to my intuition and leave logic in-between



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