You took me away from me

Once I was a smiling beauty
Sailing in the ship of love
Greeting happiness even to adversary
I enjoyed Swimming in my happy thoughts
Away from jealousy and animosity
While on my journey
I saw thee staring at me
When I dug deep into your eyes
I thought I found myself in thee
You promised me love forever
I trusted every word of yours with fervor
As innocence guides only towards love
I trusted your every word
When you took my hand and asked me to marry
People raised questions about you and me
You chose to leave me heartbroken in between
I was left alone wanting to be
My boat of love vanished all of sudden
My emotions went wary with shudder
I entered into a hut of loneliness
I locked it from inside with tears
I refused to come out of it
For years I faced rejection in me
I refused to love myself
I refused to sail in the ship of love again
I refused to swim again with happiness
When you left me
It was a difficult phase for me
However it took me years
To be friends with glee
The hut of isolation was unlocked by my angels
In the form of my family
They supported me and stood by me
They witnessed my inner resentment
They hugged me and kissed my tears
Now I have no rage left in me
I have again learnt to swim free
Still in my dreams sometimes we encounter each other
Whenever I witness you I grieve
Your heart has now forgotten to love me
It has deceived me
I wonder after denial of love
If I meet you after years
How should I met thee
With loneliness and tears
A gift which you gave it to me?
Or I stare at you as a criminal
 The one who stole my heart in the name of love
Only to crush it into pieces and walked on it as if it was some shrub
I refuse to trust anyone now
I refuse to open the gate of my hearts
Cause now somewhere denial resides inside me
Once it was love when I looked myself in thee