I am a Doll


When I was a toddler

My parents bought me toys

That I could hold and stop crying

It was easy to distract my mind

I was too young to understand

But, what, if’s and why’s

That life holds with sigh

Once they bought me a doll when I was tiny

 I still remember I named her Jennie

She was cute and cuddly my plastic buddy

Her hair was curly

She could speak and pee like other human beings

Oh! I was too innocent to understand that she had a machine in her tummy

My mother used to press that button and made her laugh and sing for me

I remember I used to clap and enjoy her laugh

As if whatever I said made her happy

I used to take her everywhere along with me

 I used to talk to her as if she was my only ally

Oh! Now when I recall those moments they sometimes sounds funny

But I found a connection with her

When I recalled my mother’s words to me

You are our doll  my baby

I realize I am born as a doll to them

A gift from God to my parents

Engaging them in some kind of game

That keeps them away from negative human race

Like the way I used to carry Jennie and make her meet my friends

I too was taken along by my parents to meet their friends

Like the way I used to bathe her, comb her hair and keep her clean and beautiful

I realized that I had been treated by my family with the same view

For them I am their Jennie

To make them happy is my duty

I hold love for them in my heart

Cause I am not plastic like Jennie

I am their part

Yes, I too had a favorite doll

Her name was Jennie

I remember when I broke her

I forgot to be dandy

She left but her memory was so uncanny

I see myself as a doll to my family

I make them laugh

I make them forget what’s, if’s, buts’ and why’s of life

When I am in pain

There heart too cries

They pray for my happiness

Cause happiness in me makes them content

I thank Jennie for making me realize that I am like her

I look at myself everyday into the mirror

I smile, because my smile makes my family charmed

I feel proud to be a doll

A doll to my family

I am their Jennie




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