When Shetall Met Sedro

Life becomes monotonous for everyone when they work like machines in office, they hear same kind of gossips every day, the same kind of politics they face every day, the cribbing of job, finding another job and settling for a while and then when the day calls for they go back home tiring themselves and then eat food and sleep then next day start their day with the same. Everybody does that I am not special!


I also keep on applying for other jobs after a while of course for growth in future, worried about getting married,  perusing my hobby of learning astronomy and astrology; I once blindly applied in Center of Scientific research Centre.

I was on my way to office when I received a call from Dr. Jack.  He asked me to come for an interview instantly.

Oh my! That was actually a big shot I gave for myself that was all on my mind when I bunked my office and drove my car to CSC office.


I was welcomed by a warm Indian receptionist and suddenly I saw a foreigner coming towards me.  His aura was welcoming.

Hello, I am Dr. Jack he said,  Sorry,  we called you on such a short notice.

I smiled back shaking my hand firmly with this gentleman. No problems I replied.

He guided me towards his chamber. We took a lift and he pressed second floor button.

I was astound to witness that outside on the ground floor was a usual office like any other but the moment we got out from lift it was as if I was in space.

Dr. Jack turned towards me with a warm smile but I was busy looking at the space ship I entered I guess.

This way madam he said and my heart pounded thousands of beats at once.

I saw pictures of big tubes with some humans lying straight in it

What is all this Dr. Jack?

Oh nothing we clicked these pictures when we were charging them back, when they arrived back from planet Pluto

Planet  Pluto? Humans? Getting charged? That too in a big huge tube

I was scared but bit mesmerized and curious.

There I was marching to Dr. Jack’s chamber and witnessing horrifying things

Are you alright he asked

Oh yes I am fine

Listen we have seen your resume since you have mentioned your interest in Astronomy we would like you to work with us.

Sure, but what would be my job profile

I would explain you everything said Dr. Jack holding a contract in his hand.

Please read on to this.

I read the contract it said that I was not allowed to discuss my job profile outside. I will work with them for 3 months on contract and after that my permanency will depend on my work which I will handle for 3 months. My starting salary will be $ 50,000 per month.

Wow, I said. 50, 000 $ per month.

I am ready I said hopping on to the opportunity of earning this much amount per month.

Dr. Jack smiled and said would you not be interested in your job profile?

Yes, indeed, I am

We will be sending you to NASA in America on company’s expenses. Through our experiments and our ongoing conversations with other planets we have found that human can also live in MARS. Since Aliens were residing there and giving us permission to take away dust from their planet to experiment the same. We want to sign a contract with them to avoid legal hassles in between. After signing up the contract we will be allowed to take dust from their planet for experiment.

Oh I see! So you need a typist for that

He laughed out loud and said No, we need someone new to travel to Mars and we have short listed your resume.

What?  My mouth was wide opened.

Why? I mean you have astronauts to travel.

Yes, indeed we have but this time we need something from Aliens and we have to abide by their rules and they want us to send an ordinary person and that too a girl.

I was quiet for a while.

He asked me to take my own time and get back to him within 24 hours but also warned me that I could not tell this secret task to anyone not even to my family.

I was stunned and asked will I be able to stay in touch with my family members while travelling to Mars?

No. There will be no contact with your family for 2 months at least. Yes, till the time you are on earth you can call them. He closed his conversation with a smile.

I stood up and started walking towards the lift. My mind was blank. I got down on ground floor from the lift looking at an ordinary office as if I have just travelled to space and returned. Everyone was smiling back at me and I, I was lost between space and time.

I drove back home thinking with all the possibilities. There were two people inside my mind which were discussing the possibilities

This job is adventure shetall. Take it. You will get a new exposure, you will see Mars. Can you believe it?

No Shetall, what will you tell your parents, what if you die in the rocket itself, what if Aliens eat you.

Life is all about risk shetall do it for once

I put a break to my mind with my car of course reaching home.

My mother was preparing lunch. She asked me, so how your interview went?

It was all good mum, they are offering me 50,000$ per month and want me to travel to NASA in America for training purpose.

Well, I will not intervene, I think it is good to take a new experience or you can continue sending people abroad by giving them visa, she laughed and went back to the kitchen

I was quiet and called my father for an approval, he said go ahead with your life take new experiences we are always with you to support.

In the evening, I sat and told them that I am not allowed to discuss about my job moreover I will not be able to speak to any family member for two months. My parents and sister looked at each other and said decide you.

Shoot man! This is the only thing I was avoiding. But yes, decision has to be mine. I am a kind of a person who loves adventure and this is an opportunity I need to grab.

Ok! I declared that I will be taking on this job in my heart I asked the pessimist to shut up by telling him whatever is destined cannot be changed and I cannot move my life by thinking what if?

I called up Dr. Jack and the next day return tickets were arranged, I was given a letter, I quit my job without notice.

After, two days, the D day arrived. I took blessings of my parents, hugged my sister and flew to America.

I was excited and curious also a pessimist within me was pestering me with not so positive thoughts.


I reached NASA station and I was welcomed by people working over there. They gave me training for a week and also assured me that things would go well.

I enjoyed my training period of course; there were loads of interactions with astronauts , scientists, engineers and what not.


My heart started racing fast when the D- day came. I was given a weird outfit to wear along with instructions which stated that Mars will be having red sand with white poles. They also asked me not to speak to any Alien over their get the contract signed and come back with the dust. A senior astronaut was designated to travel along. He was instructed to stay in rocket till I get the job done.


For the last time, with my heart racing fast I called up my family and spoke to everyone informing those 2 months from now I will not be in touch. I knew their heart went sad and so was mine but I was assigned to a mission.

I sat in the rocket with the senior astronaut who was like a friend at that time.  I was flying inside the rocket and he showed me various planets, I was enjoying looking out when all of sudden the rocket was out of his control and we looked at each other and informed the control room about it.

We were asked to do the emergency landing as a part of the rocket was loose. Since we had no choice we landed on without realizing on which planet we were landing but we were following instructions. Pessimist inside me shouted it’s time to die you idiot.

We landed safely and took a deep breath thanking God. To our amazement we landed on an earth like place where the sand was of pink color which is generally seen near Bahamas or Gran Crania and there was water too that too of pink color. All of sudden we realized that our body was turning into pink.

While the senior astronaut was adviced to look on a part which got loose, I took his permission and went out, the temperature was normal like earth, we could breathe normally; we took out our special suits and went out.


Was this some kind of chemical reaction or the planet has this kind of quality I asked the senior astronaut.

Oh by the way his name was Dr. Maher. He was an Indian, working for NASA.

I don’t know shetall, this is the first time I have experienced this. I have checked the gravity, oxygen level, temperature before coming out. This is something different happening.

All of sudden, we both noticed each other, we were pink and our thoughts were calm, we were out from all the natty gritty of daily life as if some kind of peace had taken over us , there was no tension,  nothing.

I moved ahead and the land shuddered as if quake was coming. I stepped back.

Maher asked me not to move further, meanwhile, he went inside the rocket to repair the loose part.

As I am Dennis the menace and a curiosity to experience adventures is in my blood. I slowly took step forward, this time I heard a door bell ting tong.

Where was this sound coming from?

To my amazement, a handsome man of my height having a pink face of course came. I saw him and I realized that his head and face was of human however his legs were of metal.

While I was trying to have a grip on what am I was looking at he intervened.

Excuse me lovely lady, what are you doing on our planet.

I shouted Maher Maher come out look look, I kept on shouting turning back but all I could see was rocket standing and Maher did not come out.


I turned again towards this weird handsome man and told him that our rocket had some problems and we were from earth.

He smiled and his smile was breath taking. Come be our guest.

But my friend, he was inside that rocket.

 He looked at the rocket and said let him complete his work and meanwhile I can make you pass your time here.

My name is Sedro and this is my planet called Olympus.

Sedro is a nice name. My name is Shetall

He tried to pronounce my name and it took 15 minutes till he could get it right.

What is this planet? We have never heard of this planet ever? I mean never in books or so

Sedro smiled at me and said you are not an astronaut right?

Ugh no I mean yes otherwise how I would have come here.

He smiled and kept on walking and slowly we entered into a paradise like we have read in books or have imagined.

The pavement was of a wood like material on which we were walking. I saw huge trees which looked like the trees we have on earth but when I touched them I realized that they were made up of a material which felt like plastic but the leaves were amazing they were of fluorescent colors and looked real.

I asked Sedro, these pavements looked like woods and trees like plastic are they real, to which, he simply replied that they might not be on your planet earth but here they are real.

We kept on walking when from forest like area we entered into an area which was totally different. Everything was of purple color with tiny houses having their own fence, the fountain which had pink water flowing off.  Trees having flowers of blue color, everything was picture perfect as if I was witnessing some wonderland.


Wow, I said and looked at Sedro, to my surprise he had turned into a tiny dwarf with actual legs.

What is this?

He laughed and said this is our world our planet. Welcome Shetall

I was astounded on what I was witnessing. Soon a tiny pretty girl came and smiled at me.

I sat down on the floor and Sedro introduced me to her as his wife Hobo. I was looking like Gulliver in front of them.

Wow, what a combination Sedro and Hobo, I said it in my mind without noticing that I was on other planet and they could hear my thoughts.

Yeah, weird combination but this is how we name people on our planet said Hobo

Excuse me?

Sedro put his hand on my shoulder and whispered we can read thoughts

Oops. I said and felt little embarrassed

Welcome to our planet

I was moving ahead without realizing that I left Maher to rectify a part of rocket, what if he was worried was the last thought on my mind because I was busy witnessing real beauty.

I was welcomed by many men and woman who were half human and half robots.

They could change their forms in whatever way they wanted. If you want them to look like a dwarf they will look like a dwarf, if you want to see them as an iron man they will change their form accordingly.

So what exactly you people are? I asked

They all made me sit in a group and laughed

One of them said we are not people; we are essence not to scare you but my dear you are not on earth.

We have been there so many times and the negativity is so much on your planet that we could not witness the beauty hence we usually come back in minutes.


Do you guys travel by rockets?

Again there was a laugh

Hobo explained that they do not need rockets to travel; they are souls, they could travel wherever they want with a thought

So you guys Visualize things

Of course we don’t visualize, Shetall

Nor do we have to wear matching clothes, chew food from our mouth closed, sleep enough each night , brush our teeth, bathe regularly, speak in complete sentences, use proper grammar, run spell-check, zip bills on time.

But really, wouldn’t you be mortified if anyone found out?

I know keeping myself in your place… I would

Nothing is important than the feeling here.

Now, if you were going to do just one of those things every single day shetall, Visualize

Hum, I got it

Why I turned into pink color the moment I stepped onto your planet

To which a tiny creature which actually looked like a dog said, feelings my child you did not hear clearly what hobo said.

Emotions that are full of love denote pink color. Our planet was gifted to us by the goddess of Venus Aphrodite; you must have heard her name in your world.

The planet’s name is after MT. Olympus. The Olympians are the ancient Greek Gods. Their seat of power was said to be at top Mt. Olympus and hence they are called Olympians

The Greek mythology is something like fairytale my dear but our planet is far away from sun and keeps on rotating around different planet from time to time. Hence it is not visible to your planet earth.

The weather here is not that hot or cold, we don’t need fans like you do on your planet.

All I had in my mind was a word Wow. I kept on repeating that.

All of sudden, in my mind I heard Maher’s voice. Hey Sedro, how can I hear that Maher is calling me?

It is all because of pure vibrations on our planet.

Picture him here in between us.


Do it.


I pictured Maher here and I saw him coming from behind.  He was astound and was bit scared too.

The way I was entertained by the souls, they made him calm down and told him about the planet.

Maher asked some practical questions after all he was the real astronaut and all he wanted to know if human could come and reside on their planet too.

To which Sedro replied, we can welcome you people as a guest for few hours but humans cannot stay longer as this place is full of essence like us and we are neither humans nor drawft. We are often known as Jubllian by other planets.

But I can feel so much love here

Yes, we offer love nothing else.

I saw my skin getting torn

Sedro what is this happening to me

Sedro was calm he said that means it is time for you to leave. Humans cannot stay at a place which only has love as you people come with all kind of positive and negative emotions. Depending how much weigh you give to which emotion can make you stay here.

We both looked at each other.

For how long we have been here

Sedro replied from your calendar it has been a month now

We both were shocked

Sedro and Hobo grew tall at our height all of sudden and hugged us. They said they will remember us.

The little creature which somewhat looked like a dog said whenever you feel sad just imagine us and we will send you love.  Now don’t ask how.

Maher asked but how will we move. The part is repaired but I am not sure whether it is good enough to run our rocket.

Just call upon Hermes, he is god of messengers, travelers and thieves too said Hobo with a wink

What? Maher could not believe but I had faith in every word they said

I closed my eyes imagined both of us into the rocket invoking for Hermes

The moment I opened my eyes, we both were in rocket flying towards Mars.

We both looked at each other in dismay but we were silent on this experience. We reached Mars and as I was instructed, I went out bit scared saw a red entity smiling at me; she signed the contract and let me take dust particles for test.

She invited me to have a look on how the planet looks but her own face was so scary that I choose to run back to our rocket.

We came back to America and we reached 3 days later after the given time was proposed. The moment we were out of Rocket, I saw Dr. Jack standing along with others, we marched into the office.

So how was your experience?

Maher and I looked at each other and said together it was fun.

I immediately resigned from the services and flew back to India. It is better to follow a usual routine and be with family then to experience planetary adventures alone. Yes, I was losing on loads of money but I was gaining my happiness and my family for the sake of it I guess.

That one experience always stood into my mind and yes, I had been depressed many times and imagined Sedro and Hobo and felt happy instantly.

Maher is in constant touch with me after this incident we became good friends after all we both had a secret which we did not share with anyone else except ourselves.

Maher is coming to India in another 10 days and we are set to marry. Who do I thank to make us meet my stars or the unknown planet??













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