My Existence in this lifetime

I saw myself into the mirror
Questioning my existence with queerer
I saw my big droopy eyes twinkling
As  my lips stretched and laughed
I liked myself like a doll to a child
I enjoyed untangling my long tousled hair
I enjoyed their shine
Importuning myself
Who am I?
Why am I?
For my parents I am an Angel
For my friends I am an enchanter
For my colleagues I am a Blessing
For people who detest me I am grubby
I play so many roles in this life
For some I am smoke, for some I am light
Looking at myself into the mirror
I was inquiring myself
Who am I?
Why am I?
I heard a voice in my skull
He said I am your guardian angel
I am your lover
I make you love yourself
Why are you in dilemma?
 Why so many questions my dear
Enjoy your beauty and stop questing yourself
You are not this body not this face
You are not the names they gave
You are a soul on her journey
To finish this life with learnings
To be a light to many
This is the game in this life I choose for you honey
I reside inside you 
I am the one who guides you sometimes to dark
When smoke arises through you
Don’t feel shame
It is only your lesson in this time
So that you do not make same mistake again
And kill yourself with thousand darts disregarding rhymes
Turn around and you will find my physical existence
In someone’s smile
In someone’s zest
In someone’s eyes
I love you and live with you
In your dreams, in your thoughts
In the form of people you encounter every hour
Trust me, I will never leave you and be by your side
Every second every minute
In your heart I will shine
Till you live with last breath in this lifetime
Of course with rhymes