No Regrets

I walked down the lane this morning
Enjoying lovely weather
Hearing birds chirping everywhere
Peace residing in my heart
 I walked slowly and steadily towards the park
I met everyone on road walking happily
Some passed me smile and bypassed me
Some used words to converse with me
I kept on walking briskly
I saw closed shops around me
I witnessed some people praying in their nest
I observed some mothers
Getting their kids ready for school in stress
I was enjoying the morning sight
When all of sudden I realized
Some is following me
I turned around and asked her
Who is she?
She giggled and said I am Regret
I often reside in heart with loneliness
People acknowledge my presence
When they are on their own in a dark space
I make them cry and curse their destiny
I am evil’s girlfriend aren’t you afraid of me
I laughed and said sorry you met a wrong girl honey
I do not consider Regret as a part of me
She was surprised to hear that
What are you saying she said?
I am often with people
How could I leave thee?
She gave a sarcastic smile
And said no worries
I will make myself a part of you
When things in your life will go awry
Nothing will work according to you
I will make circumstances to destroy you
I will take away love from you
You will want to die but I will make you drag this life
By making you loathe your own sight
I smiled back to her and said
My life had been a long journey
I met thousands of instances when
My loved ones left me to live this life forlornly
I was killed with thousands of draggers in the name of love and friendship honey
Yes, I did thought of you during those times
When I was left all alone to suffer in this life
When my path rolled me towards death many times
I made evil enjoy my pain in disguise
Alas! At that time also I refused to make you a part of me
Can’t you remember?
I never opened the doors of my heart for you but yes I silently hated you
My faith in my own personality wobbled my heart during those times and told me
That you are my teacher who does not want me to settle down in life with one story
You entered in my life like a medicine which child hates to take
You made me live so many different stories with difficult transitions in a way
I valued the presence of love in my life
When you bought hatred as a dragger to kill me
Yes you broke my heart into thousand pieces
But only to guide me what I must value in me
I treated you as my teacher never as regret
Regret smiled and looked at me with gratitude in her eyes
She said yes I am your friend but people often curse me
Thank you for recognizing me as a stepping stone in your life
I often come to give a new direction to the life which you live monotonously
I am a nasty transition which brings pain for a while
But after sometime people forgets me
They live their lives until I kick them again to intervene in their stories
She said no one has ever called me teacher
I have been known in this world as a girlfriend of evil
Thank you for making me twinkle in you as an angel
But I will come from time to time to meet you
As this is my duty
I sat on a bench in the park near the tree
I let my eyesight go far till the point I could see
Without looking at her I told her
Come anytime in any form I will always welcome you as my educator
You will never be detested by me
In a blink I witnessed
That she flew to someone else in the park
Quaking their world in a flash
She played her lark
She turned back and looked at me with a cunning smile
As if she is saying look I reside everywhere in every being in time
No one can ignore me but very few can adore me
Oh! That was my tryst with regret this morning with glee

Text copyright @ Shetall 2013