I learnt to close my eyes to those who are not mine

I walked on the street of life
Meeting every soul with the story they hold
I walked alone and observed the theory of time
I took a turn to happy road
Where I met angels dancing and singing songs of love
I kept on walking and love became my best friend on that road
I decide to hold him tight
Alas he said everything stays for a while
He flew all of sudden like a butterfly
I turned and saw myself on the road which had a sign
It was dark road
I kept on walking slowly
I could not see anything clearly
I heard loads of abuses and cry
I could not relate myself to that empire
I saw myself growing weak
The entire radiance which I got from happy road turned into gloomy covering
My heart too cried
I met evil he said I will be your friend if you be one of us
Learn to be jealous
 Learn to kill for dime
When I refused I was left lonely on that road to find light
I kept on walking for long and met with sunshine
I was weak, unhappy and somewhat like what darkness wanted me to be
I could hardly open my eyes
I heard a voice who talked to me in rhyme
Open your eyes to light my dear
Learn again to be happy without holding any dark fear
No one will trouble you here
Walk again on the life of road
Like you are holding a heart of gold
I said what if I meet those who I trusted enough to stay with me
Sigh!  They chose left me in-between
The voice said
Close your eyes to those who left you behind
Close your eyes to those who could not value your love for dime
I smiled and glowed
Thanking voice for guiding me from seventh heaven
Where God resides and ho!
I moved on again to the road called life
Though I kept on turning to unhappy thoughts in time
But I learned to close my eyes to those who are not mine