I am strong like a Rock

Last night in my dreams
I saw an evil running to kill me
Leaving my astral journey in between
In woke up at the middle of night screaming
I could hear my heartbeat running fast
As if I had witnessed death on my path
Speculating my dreadful dream
I drifted again to my astral journey
I met him one more time
He sarcastically smiled at me and said
I am here to make you miserable and to kill you with pain
Call for help if you want to
 I am the king of evil who enjoys bring shame
Residing in the world you live
In the form of humans you meet
I will do whatever I can to spoil your name
I woke up promptly
It was dawn with birds chirping outside in my lawn
I started my day
Squinting at every soul in dismay
I kept on making mistakes during the day
Not relying on any human I called for angels to help me with this shame
I am strong, I am like a rock
Said a voice inside my cranium
With a shock
I asked who you are
She said last night you met an evil in your dreams
 He is enjoying your mistakes right now with glee
I am your inner voice guiding you to your true nature
I am your best friend in your every venture
Asking help from your own conscience will not mortify you in anyway
I am and will always be there for you if you call for me in God’s name.
I kept on repeating those bounty words
I am strong I am like a rock
In my head during the day
Gazing at the sunshine from the skylight
I felt an urge to closed my eyes for a while
I was sitting in my room
Witnessing no one around
I evaded into cosmos one more time
I met this evil man again at that moment
I saw him running away from me
As I stood strong in front of him repeating the same
I woke up from my forty winks
Like I never took catnap in between the day
I felt fresh and realized the power of words dancing in my head today
Yes I am strong I am like a rock
No one can intrude in my life with his sword
Seeking guidance from my inner self
Trusting my own guardian angel in distress
I learnt my lesson for the day