Heaven made me dance

Heaven dances on earth
In the form of you and I
To show how much our bond is strong
God sometimes plays lark
Letting its creation speak a language of love
In the form of leaves, flowers, meadow and shrubs
Heaven dances on earth
With its own beat
Like it doesn’t care who is getting peeved and who is enjoying it with glee
I opened the window of our house to witness this beauty
When I looked up at clouds they draw different caricatures of all shape and size
I look down and saw colorful trees asking me to dance with them before moonlight arrives
They made air weave a sound out of them
That made my heart dance like I am a leaf among them
When I turn around and looked deep into his eyes
I spotted a magnetic force in me which dragged him closer to me in that scared moment in time
God is mischievous sometimes
He plays lark between you and me to gather love and shine
Helping us witnessing each other within ourselves
He makes this world dance with all his traits
That makes my belief stronger with love releasing hate
Heaven resides on earth
In the form of nature
In the form of you and I forever and ever
We must reach to a point where we forget to sigh…..