Enchanting dusk

The enchanting dusk is now all over
The clouds are pulling their curtain downward
It’s time for moon to make love with the sea
The luminosity of love shines all over the deep
Even the stars are unable to witness this beauty
The water is glowing, with buoyancy
Here I am in the middle of a sea
Spinning oars towards my destination
As I call on to the heavens to lead me
I see the haze steering me towards the fifth mountain
That is where you too are waiting for me
The moment I gash the water through oar
I listen to the echo of every drop of water in the sea
Saying words to me
Hold him, caress him, love him, and be with him,
overlooking all your duties
Your beloved is dying to be in your arms come on hurry
Moon hiding under the bed of clouds is also conspiring with the water for us to be
Here I am guided by the vapors
In the middle of a sea
Yearning to be with thee
I m sure this beautiful dusk is gripping you too to feel for me


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