Knocking the door of heaven

Over the clouds I have my home
Where love resides and is shown
Life being weary at times
I ask my lord to take me along
I do not get answers at times
Some days I cherish divine
Sometimes I misplace my faith like a dime
Why being so late when my lessons are done
I have finished what I meant to learn I said
Frustration taking it turns refusing to rest
Cursing my presence is all on my intellect
I hate myself for living this cruel life in zest
I want to go back from where I came
Please guide me towards your divine gate
Be silent he says
Leave all your burdens
After all this is my game
You worry not for who you are
I will guide you my way
Time will come when we will go back
Till then enjoy all the negatives and the positive without shame
Here I reside in your heart
You will hear me when you will stop cribbing with your thoughts
I warned your soul before you were born
Love begets love in every form
You have to stand strong with every storm
Your job is to finish the present task
In the form of people, situation which leads you to dark
To come out of it safe and sound is your test
To laugh even when the evil gives you unhappiness to its fullest
Then your divine soul will bloom
Like a diamond glint seven colors even in gloom
You will learn the reason for which I kept you alive
Trust me at that time you will try your best to stay in this life
But then it will be my time to guide you to cloud nine
A place where love resides in its purest form and your soul will rejoice
There will be no place for emotions to entangle your belief
You will be at your best and the rewarded reason will bring you glee
Till then I will meet you in your dreams
Where I will show you my garden decorated with beautiful pavement and wonderful leaves
That will be your true home indeed

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