My book Love beyond viels

The idea of writing started after I decided to look deep into the existence of human being, after meeting souls who are in love and some who does not believe in the idea of being in love. My heart vent out when I stood up as an audience in there lives to figure out what exactly is love and w hat is a relationship? This thought has been brooding on my mind for long. Why do people persistently feel that they need to be in a relationship with others when they are not sure whether they are in “RELATIONSHIP” with themselves!!! I think a relationship is first developed with self i.e. ur soul. It first wants you to approve of your own outlook; it craves for your own love, positive reception. It first teaches you to look yourself into the mirror and extol the lord for gifting this world a sparkler like you isn’t it?If you cannot date yourself, if you cannot pamper your self , if you cannot mollify yourself, if you cannot be at harmony with yourself then all you will do is find faults in others attitude, there conduct, there personalities, etc. I have always believed and have lived my life in a comportment that I love myself enough to touch your soul with all the love I am coz I know that each and every soul whether my friend, people who envy me, people who are my enemies are craving for one thing and i.e. to be loved, to be pampered, to hear words of love all the time isn’t it? And I believe that I love myself enough to see my replica in you. I am not ashamed to aver my love which I see it in you coz I am unremittingly in a relationship with myself and you. Yes You!!! I am a part of you, I am another you. Just love yourself enough to love people back without any precincts in your mind; coz loving me is loving you. Thank you!! Hope you all enjoy reading….
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