Break Free

I am a fun loving kind of a person who enjoys her own company utmost but that does not make me indifferent I guess.
We all have family and friends around, faces which we witness daily has kind of talk which has chains in it. Chains carrying from the past deed or a present deed. I mean what do we all talk about?  Our stories? Every day, every minute and who does not want a break from daily humdrums.
Daily routine sometimes become excessively boring and the same conversation sometimes those same daily soaps that you watch on TV  eeehew  though I am someone who hates watching TV , sitting in front of that idiot box like a statue watching that daily negative games women or men playing against each other is some kind of a bull shit for me.
Travelling is fun and I have a dream to watch the whole world. Sometimes dreams remain hidden in hearts and sometimes you need an effort to work on them isn’t it?
But the question is, being a kind of a person who is always surrounded by family and friends who would I choose as a company to travel with me after all loneliness bites and I have never travelled all alone in my whole life but still If I had to choose, I would choose an adventure and that adventure would be to take no one along with me. I would take a break from the faces I witness daily or sometimes. To discover something new or someone new.
For me, travelling is kind of an experience to share love and insight, witnessing how others live and what kind of a life they have in their country and if I am lucky to get hold of someone who is not totally unknown I think the trip would rock knowing each other isn’t it?
I don’t want to talk about what went wrong with who and who got married kind of a stuff it is like taking a break from everything and everybody and finding someone who is unknown but not completely cause it will be kind of a gambling then what if I do not enjoy his company or what if, if he /she does not enjoy my company.
Hence, I would choose someone from my acquaintance… little known and little unkown… I think discovering each other and creating new story with memories will rock the trip… isn’t it?