And the mountains echoed

In our family, when things don’t go according to “plan”, we say, “it will make for a better story later”. Still, sometimes we welcome a little inspiration.  I am very much attached to my family because it is my belief that a person who does not understand the value of his/her family is a fool in disguise.
I love travelling with my family and we always have trip once in a year, where we all are together, we sing, we gossip, we love and we look around the world together.
In February,   2011. I met a tarot card reader in a garden of sixth sense, Let me tell you, I am a very naughty and an inquisitive person when it comes to experiment divine power and I enjoy playing with occult science, Yes, indeed, I have been guided well and I learnt my lessons well in life.  She read my cards and asked me to perform pooja for Kal Sarp Yog in Triyambakeswar as a remedy she said only after that, things will work in my life. Yes, I heard it and left it after all who is going to travel so far. Even though I am an ardent fan of seeking adventures in my life.
Well, that very day I went home and forgot all about it, the ongoing issue with my career and personal life was pestering me and I was somewhere disheartened and frustrated with the obstacles happening in my life and career. Travelling is my hobby and I pursue it whenever situation allows me whether with friends or with family.
After few months, the ongoing depression hugged me tightly and I desperately searched for an escape. I did not want a negative drama to keep pestering me anymore. I wanted to live in harmony and peace but peace was a distant friend at that time who I kept on calling and he refused to meet me.
I was becoming dull and boring. Slowly building a cocoon around me. My family could see that and plenty of times I was asked to move out of the house but a big no was all over my tongue like a sour taste, Yes, my passion of travelling was dying along with me.
It was August, 2011 we all were having dinner and suddenly my father said let us plan a trip its time to get out of Delhi. Okay, everyone was excided.
My sister intervene in-between papa it has to be some place which we have not explored as yet. Mumbai and Pune look like our second home now.
My mother instantly said Tryambakeshwar let us go to Triyambakeshawar and perform pooja for Kal Sarp Yog for family. Yes we all made face but after all who could say no to mumma.
Tickets were booked, there was an excitement in our heart of leaving hush bush of Delhi for a while and there we were landed to Mumbai.
How could I leave Mumbai without eating my favourite Pao Bhaji…? So we took taxi and straight away went to a hotel where we all sat and enjoyed Mumbai special Pao Bhaji and then asked the taxi driver to take us straight to Triambakeswar.
No one talked during the trip; everyone was tired.  I was still in deep depression thinking about how and why’s in my life looking outside the window.
The moment we reached Triambikeshwar something changed inside me.  
The cool breeze suddenly hit me, the view of mountains was mesmerising, and I started enjoying without any reason.  The energy inside my heart busted like I have been touched by an Angel. I was happy. The vibration of that place was amazing as if lord Shiva himself is saying welcome to my kingdom.
We reached, found a place and accommodate ourselves. It was late evening, we thought of moving around to fetch some dinner from hotel nearby. The amazing part was we could not find non veg anywhere infact the food that they make is also without onions and garlic.
Okay, here we are looking at each other faces after all stomach demanded food. We all ate and it turned out to be the most delicious food we could ever eat.
All of sudden, we witnessed rain; it was indeed a delightful view. We all got drenched in rain while reaching towards our hotel which was nearby.
We all slept peacefully and that was the first time in a year that I met my friend peace…
Next morning, I was awake by the first glimpse of the first ray of sunlight and felt fresh and happy. That was a real magical moment for me as no negative thought touched me, no tension, any worries for the future. I was in the presence of divine.
We all woke up early as we decided we will go for Pooja first. We entered pundit’s house and the pooja was done along with another family. The Pooja took almost half a day but the feeling and the energy level in all of us was fantastic.
We were told not to eat onion and garlic for another three days that means it was no fun reaching Mumbai cause I could not eat Pao Bhaji again.
We all went ahead to look at the other things the place has. We enjoyed every single place the cows around the Shiv temple.
As we learn that there is god in each one of us. We witness that divine feeling over there and we did not felt an urge to eat non vegetarian food for split second. The place was just awesome.
Later on our taxi driver took us to a place where Shree Hanuman was born the place had the same kind of a vibe surround by mountains where I could see far away fresh water was flowing from the mountains, the cool breeze was all around, the air was soothing . We were near the valley. All of sudden, my phone rang, it was an unknown number, anyway I answered a call.  That call bought an answer to my situation for which I was fighting for a year. Was it Miracle?
I don’t know but my parents said, you decided to leave the situation in God’s hand and chose happiness, we did not saw you unhappy for a second from the time you have come here… surrender and he will answer in his own way which is best for you.
That moment I laughed out loud and I could hear my echo all around coming from the mountains… I gave them a good laugh and they returned the same… Indeed People don’t take trips; trips take people well said quote by John Steinbeck, We had a divine experience full of energy pack on our way to Triambakeshwar