Against The call for internet censorship is completely justified and should be implemented immediately

We are living in the era of electronics and with time things are changing and progressing more and more. Indeed this is a good point however, it has finished the charm for waiting… in earlier days people used to wait for post man to come so that they could receive a message from there loved ones .Now we have internet and instant way of  emailing it . Nobody sends birthday cards by post these days . We have facility like what’s app and sms now.
Oh forget emails and sms we have progressed more we have social networking sites. We have orkut where we can scrap, we have face book where we can write on walls and yes technically these mediums have given us to practice our fundamental rights too…
For example, whenever you log on to face book, it says whats on your mind?
In democratic country like India, we have right to speak, right to question and yes we all practice our fundamental rights but now we have social networking sites to help us with it but are we really being helped to voice out our hearts is the question?
Recently, when Shree BAL Thakrey passed away in Mumbai, the shiv sena declared Mumbai closer.  Was that right? Two girls were caught up by police just because they practiced their right to speak on face book by questioning “Bal Thackeray Shut down”. And that too not to the government but in between!!
I feel that many people practice poor judgment on social networking sites, where freedom of speech is no longer applied.
If our government stands up and give us right to practice the fundamental rights then they should accept our views too. However, I have witnessed many and many cases where we practice our rights only to land up in Jails.
We are living in a democratic country called India. However, when it comes to voice out our opinion on social networking sites it looks like we are in an era of Benito Mussolini where the doctrine of Fascism was practiced.
Recently, as my research goes, in 2012, Americans decided to fight against SOPA & PIPA where they stood up against the bill the country decided to pass against the freedom to speak on Internet.
The Philippinesgovernment has passed a cyber crime Prevention act in accordance with the Americans.
Our Indian Government also passed a law in April, 2011 in its legislation chapter number 19 which clearly stated any offence or crime in which a computer was used …
I am sorry but voicing out is our opinion does not count as a cyber crime. I do support these rules when people choose this medium to harass other however; I have never seen government taking stern steps towards it. But yes, everything is there in our books!!!
I am totally against that the call for internet censorship is completely justified and should be implemented immediately.
We all have  fundamental rights to practice and we are sane people and educated people who know what to talk and when to talk. Yes implement these rules for those who abuse their education level. I feel, when government decided in giving rights they must trust their citizens instead to starting troubling them. They must have ears to listen as a parent listen to a child…
It is such a shame that when we have rights we are scared to comment on political issues or otherwise on the internet. Who knows if someone does not like,  practicing my freedom of speech on internet and the next number is mine’s!!



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