Tryst with Divine

Things don’t come easy
I have been wandering for long
I don’t get what I want
I keep on trying with the force
Falling every time like a ghost
My wishes are without wings I thought
Last night I invoked God to tell me what’s wrong
I went out to hug a tree
I hugged it for long in a plea
In those silent moments I was guided to move towards nearby beach
I sat near the seashore watching tireless waves coming and surrendering themselves to the mud with glee
I closed my eyes and sat quietly
In a minute I heard my breath very clearly
The sound of my breath was corresponding with waves enormously
I heard a voice coming from sea asking me where I have been lately
She was   AMPHITRITE the goddess of sea talking to me directly
I told her that I was missing my glee
Tears rolled out from my eyes when I told her my story
I wish my wishes had wings and I could fly with them instantly
I said it with gloom in my heart sloppily
I want to be like you totally tension free
The way you dance with every wave
 the sound that wave makes
It gives me little peace whenever I sit near thee
She said I will teach you how to fly with your wishes if you care to join me
I said I m too scared to come closer to you
You are colossal and I will get lost in-between
She smiled and gradually sent a small wave as an angel to touch my feet
I felt wave like a cool breeze touching my feet
 I moved forward only to witness water coming up to my knees
The mud below was taking me down along with it tenderly
She then sent a big wave and I was inside the water drowned completely
For a moment I was under the water and the next moment I was out of the water
Feeling heavenly
One more wave and I was drowned again
I stood up with every stroke of wave
Forgetting reason I was there for
I started playing with every big and small wave childishly
I rejoiced, overlooking the reason I was weeping two minutes back hysterically
She asked me to be closer to her
She was flirty but treating me with honor
I chose to move forward this time I was very petrified as the mud was carting my feet inside
The water clutched me till my neck firmly
I struggled hard to come out
I tried to move backwards but there was no way out to shun
The goddess of sea had embraced my body in her arms completely
I tried wrestling with my arms and legs
Alas I was going down and down instead
My breath was clogging as if this was the end
 The whole panorama throttled me to its best
I fought harder I could not see anything, my mind was at rest
 I could hear my heart missing its beats in haste
The moment I l declared truce with the water and left my body light
The water bought me up and I was floating up with delight
Like a mother giving light swings to her infant in her arms right
She guided me towards the lesson in my mind
 The more you will fight the more you will be drained
Go with the flow leave yourself light and enjoy every gain
Nothing lasts forever is the lesson I gave you with each passing wave
You were guided towards me because you invoked God to guide you with your pain
Leave your wishes like I leave waves
And they will have wings one day
When air will decide to play its own game
Rejoice your life and don’t live in haste
And whenever you feel empty come to me I will take all your pains
I will revive this lesson every time you come to me with a broken heart in shame
That night I learned my lessons hard way
The morning shined brighter in my heart next day

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