Love an ancedote?

As I lay myself down on the green grass
With closed eyes and wide open arms
Letting green grass stroke my skin
Kissing the pores of my body like a pin
Making my mind relax
Exhaling all ruthless from my soul
The one which tormented the sync between intellect and love for sure
I surrendered myself to the power up above
My belief trifle between my intellect and love
I had a beautiful conversation in my mind which I cannot rub because it is guidance from divine
Love says: people come into your life for a reason to teach you something, sometimes to take away the lessons
Intellect says: there is no divine love between those who chose to leave you. Do not listen to love because it will only break you
Love says I existed at the time you have been tested and I still exist in you
Don’t wander on the roads of it and what’s and buts which this world teaches you
Surrender yourself in me and I will guide you
Intellect says: foolish are those who are true with their words and feelings, listen to me I teach you manipulation which in this world resides as a king
Love says: I will connect you with those who are meant to be in your life, even if manipulation is their game you will chose to be wise.
I will reside in your heart and I will never let you lose your shine
Intellect says: those who choose to listen to heart always dig there grave in front
Of shrine. Listen to me I stay in your mind
Love smiled at intellect and said to him: without me you are nothing, if we choose to walk hand in hand we can create miracles which will be witnessed by divine. If only, you choose to drop your judgment. I can take you places which you can never imagine in this lifetime.
I opened my eyes smiling
This made me realized
Love is the anecdote of all the darkness inside
Which refuses to shine


 — with Donna Lee Foy Berthold and 33 others.