Scientific love

This is my planet and it is my duty to save the planet, we have been attacked by Martians earlier also but this time they are hard on us said Martin to his Professor.

Professor: The new technologies which we bought from earth have codes which protect our thoughts in such a manner that Martians cannot decode our next step; hence our plan is getting successful. We have a new P34 improved jet with blue beams which spot the enemy and kills them instantly.  Oh wait I think Diana is sending signal from earth

Martin’s eyes twinkle as Diana is his lost love. They met few years back when Martin travelled to earth for an assignment with the Mexican authorities.

The message says Urgent; I think earth people need our help. Since all the soldiers are in the battlefield right now I choose you again. Go pack your bags

But how can I leave right now, my planet is getting destroyed. All the pink trees, fairies have been vanished… There technologies have laser birds which are attacking our people and this is something new to us.

This morning they came to attacked us with dust particles which have acid in it. All the people of our planet are praying to Mother Nature for help but we are not receiving any signal from her too.

It is because this is our test. Homo sapiens on earth have been very kind to us with the new machines. This is the time to repay

But my planet come first Professor and they possess superior technological…

Before Martin could finish his sentence Professor interrupted in commanding voice. We are here Martin. This is our Planet too. However you have to follow the Protocol.  Go, get ready NOW.

Martin with sadness in his eyes went to his chamber, packed what is needed and returned to the station.

Okay Professor, I am ready to leave

Professor smiled and said Martin, I am giving you this new watch which will help us to be linked and it will also tell you what the human standing in front of you is thinking. Be very careful in handling this.

Also, wear this ring on your left hand middle finger. It will help you get back to your planet. Whenever you want us to send you a space jet just roll it. Remember it will only work when your thoughts are not contaminated. Martin looked puzzled and walks wondering why professor said so, when he heard Professor called his name in his mind and saying. Martin, Remember the force is with you always.

Martin reached earth and congregates Diana. He gazed directly into her eyes with a smile.

She makes an eye contact with him but keeps her emotion for her lost love in control.

Martin heard her voice in his head saying I missed you Martin. I wish the parting would have never happened between us. But I had to choose earth alas you could not leave your planet for me.

Martin looked at her but she is driving him to army headquarters.

Did you say something?

No Martin, the things are not pleasant here; we have been attacked again by Aliens. I know your own planet have been attacked by Martians but …

Before she could complete her sentence Martin kissed her lips and said I too missed you.

Diana stops the car.  Martin that was past and I have moved on.

Martin seems to be puzzled but the last time… I mean. You were just thinking…

She parked her car in front of army headquarters and starts walking. Martin follows her in his mind he is also concerned about his planet. He asks Diana to walk while he tries to communicate with the professor through the watch, Professor informs him that the new P34 is working perfectly but they have lost some more soldiers as the Martians have attacked with some leaf which acts like a blade. Martin says I am worried professor. Professor tells him he won’t let the planet go out of the hands. Martin feels bit relaxed but worried too and move towards Commander’s room.

Here, the meeting is going on with the Marshal. Martin was told that the Aliens have attacked the earth and they have found something from the last attack which is in laboratory for test.

Marshal along with Diana and Martin move towards the laboratory where doctor confirms that this is a slow poisonous bomb which is made by the saliva of monkey mixed with the molecules of their own planet. This is quite dangerous to humans. It is a slow poison which does not make noise and finishes the entire area in an hour’s time said Doctor Jack.

Martin gets baffled he asks what is so special about Monkey’s saliva.

Doctor Jack answered: Research has proved that Monkey’s saliva is the most poisonous among all other animals. It is said that if monkey bites any human , he cannot live for long as monkey’s have never been fed with salt they only eat sweet and that is what makes them poisonous however we are still searching for a drug which could minimize its effects.

Martin asked doctor but what will we do then. How do we stop them?

Doctor shows him a test he did and tells him that he has prepared many tubes which has Sulphur di oxide mixed with nitrogen. Once you put this fusion on the bomb it will create effervescence and it will defuse the bomb in seconds

Marshal looks at Martin and says Aliens have their station at Southern part of Mexico which is 112 Km away from our Headquarters. I want you to leave now with Diana and the other battalion.

Diana introduces Martin to other team members, Joe, Candy and Jake Wilson who is also Diana’s finance but Martin is now aware of that since he is wearing the watch! They reached the barrack late at night where Martin being the most sensitive person with energies directed everyone to move in certain directions with tubes to diffuse the bombs.

He himself, being from another planet easily catches the vibes of the Aliens and move in the direction where they have their station, Martin being more powerful destroys the station from the red laser lights coming out from his eyes and hands

The mission gets successful with the help of Martin but his heart is broken and he tensed too about his planet. He tried contacting his planet however could not as his thoughts were contaminated at that time. That is where he remembers professor’s words. When everyone on earth was celebrating victory he was sitting on a rock, depressed. Suddenly, Candy offers him a drink with a smile and before she could say anything Martin catches her thoughts with the help of his watch.  They both smile at each other and Martin realizes that all of sudden, his thoughts are aligned and he gets his signal, it’s time to go back. Says Martin to Candy as he sees his space jet coming. Candy shows interest in moving from earth to his planet along with him. They proceed towards the jet. When Martin hears Diana’s voice in his mind bidding him Good bye. He turns back and saw her busy celebrating with her fiancé but squinting on him too.

Martin along with Candy moves to the planet where they see everything is back to normal. Candy’s eyes twinkles when she sees Pink trees, fairies around and cotton balls talking and doing the work. Martin on the other hand is surprised and straight away goes to meet the Professor.

Professor looks at Martin hugs him. Congratulate him.

Martin is curious he asks the professor how did this happen?

Professor tell Martin earth people have been kind to them one more time and Diana while she was in battlefield did an effort by sending them a satellite which can give wrong signals to Martians and that is how we won this battle.

Martin smiles and introduces candy to professor as his wife.