An encounter with a soul mate

Life kicks everyone to introduce negative emotion in order to value the positive emotions.
Human takes time to understand according to their lessons which they have been destined to live. Once  went for mountaineering near Himalaya’s where I encountered a very handsome man, his skin was glowing and his beautiful blue eyes were sparkling with so much love that I thought it was easy for him to hypnotize anyone. He introduced himself to me as Raj.
Raj was  a son of a millionaire, his parents reside in Canada and was  roaming around in mountains to seek salvation.
Isn’t it too early Raj, I mean you are just in mid 30’s; I had asked
Raj looked at me with a smile and said for you mountaineering is an adventure for me searching God was an adventure. Simple.
I was so perplexed, that his words seemed difficult for me to be understood and I did not wanted to look like a fool so I said it with a smile, fair you have your ways and I have my ways but I would sure like to know the reason behind all this while finding my way to my friends.
He poured some tea in a tiny cup for me as well for himself.
Here, take it enjoy fresh tea from mountain water made by Raj the great!!
He said it with a smile and it looked that he was humorous too but I was still trying to figure this man out.
So, with every sip you take of this tasty tea,  enjoy listening to my story, he said.
Humm Okay, shoot your story I said it in a slang manner so that the comfort zone between us remains active.
But curiosity is the mother of gossip as I believed,he was about to start his story and I intervened as if I had just received some insight… I said… I know your girlfriend must have left you.
He laughed out loud and said do you think that a man like me ever cared about girls, look at me what is there that I do not have, I have mesmerizing looks, I have millions in my account, my parents have embedded good manners in me and moreover I respect every person I meet, then  why would a girl leave me?
I was confused again, I made a face and shrugged my shoulders and went back tomy tea.
By the way, tea was really very tasty and I thought  I should make a move as the sun was hiding behind the mountains and I had lost my way, my friends would  be worried.
Raj looked at me smilingly and said earlier you wanted to know my story then all of sudden you want to leave, what discomfort have you faced my dear
I smiled back with my heart beating very fast and said no no actually I neverrealized that sun was about to set, I mean ..
You mean, he interrupted, nothing dear, spend night here in my camp, I am a good guy trust me and your friends must be resting somewhere by now. I promise tomorrow morning I will take you to them.
He looked at me with question in his eyes and I looked at him as if words were not needed, I wanted our eyes to speak… ouch! I am love struck I said and we both winked and laughed.
Raj continued I have been a very hard working man; I wanted to achieve everything in life very quickly. My company was a gift to me on my 24th Birthday by my father. I was young and restless; I preferred riding on bikes instead of car
I interrupted wow you are like me then I too enjoy riding on bikes…
What? You drive a bike?
No, but I always wanted to…
Hummm he said and was quiet.
What happened? Carry on I said while I was holding an empty cup in my hand.
So I was telling you that I was young and restless and wanted to achieve things quickly in my life without realizing where this high going was to take me… Let me tell you, I am an animal lover and I had a dog that I loved very much…
Oh really! What was his name because I too have a dog way back at home, his name is Kooky.
My dog’s name was Zuha.
Zuha? What do you mean by Zuha?
It is an Islamic word, it means Brightness…
Oh I see! I had questions in my mind and I guess he understood. He rolled his eyes to me and instantly said.
Shetall My dear I am Hindu and I did not had a girlfriend who was Muslim.
With a big smile I asked him than why an Islamic name? My grandmother had an Islamic boyfriend.
What? At this age, I was astounded by his statement.
So you need an age to be in love Shetall? It can happen at any age and with anyone. We loved her boyfriend and he was like a family.
Oh Ok thinking in my mind may be grand mother married at early age or was bored with his grandfather. After all who cares I want to know his story.
I was so busy and high that I forgot that Zuha would wait for me to come home to play and since I was the one who forced my family to have a dog, It was all on me. Though my family supported me but I guess I made her lonely somewhere that I missed on his Vet visits. I used to work day and night like a mad man.
Zuha and I shared a very deep connection. When I saw her at the adoption centre I knew that she was the one. Somehow, I lost her.
And then I faced downfall in business too. My girlfriend was still supportive and our marriage date was near but my depression of loosing Zuha killed my relationship with her and suddenly I saw I was distant from everyone and lonely. I cried thousand tears of death calling back love in my life but I could not find it anywhere.
My family tried helping me, I was stable for a while, I got my girlfriend back but there was something which was constantly troubling me inside. I was now being dominated by my girlfriend to an extend that I became an alcoholic
One night I was under so much influence of alcohol that I took my car from my house, I still don’t know what made me drive that night… I met with an accident near by my house where I killed my own mother while crossing road.
My eyes were wide open and so was my mouth and I did not have words.
He looked at me and said I have been to jail and spent 2 years  and then when I returned I was not the same man , my father , sister, brother , grandmother supported me but I can see sometimes anger burning inside them for my mother’s loss. My girlfriend by that time got married to my best friend.
So you see I faced betrayal from my own best friend, my own conscious did not allow me to look into my family members eyes and exchange a smile. That very moment, I missed Zuha so much that I left a letter at home saying I will come back when I feel I should and came to India to reside in these mountains. Searching for peace and God to ask him the reason of why these things happened to me?
He was in tears ,I stood up to console him and said may be God wanted you to have answers to your questions through me Raj, may be that is the reason I was lost to meet you.
It was not your fault, we all have to go through some kind of a pain to learn something out of life and maybe it was HIS way to make you understand that life moves on…
Zuha is your love like Kooky is to me. Pets love us unconditionally and they need nothing from you accept your love. You will meet her again.
Accident,  in which you killed your own mother. Well, maybe that is the best way she found subconsciously to make you understand that you are going wrong I guess. A mother’s heart never let her kid suffer. She  forgave you the day you left alcohol.
He put his head in my lap, took a deep breath and said thank you for losing your way, you made me find mine. Before I could say anything he was asleep and next morning he guided me towards my friends.
Hey, where will I meet you again. I asked
He smiled and said whenever it will be destined again. He walked  ahead and till date I am searching for him.