When Imagination guides you to reality

Alex and Sweetiewere childhood buddies. They were living in a village of France.

Alex’s father was a farmer and ploughed all kind of roses whereas Sweetie’s parents were teachers in aschool which was funded by government. Sweetie’sparents were from Paris; after Sweetie was born they got an offer from Government to open a school in a remote area hence they decide to shift themselves in a calm remote village away from the hush bush of city. However, they kept on visiting Paris to meet families on Thanks giving and Christmas.

On other hand, Alex only dreamt of city life, He was a son of a farmer and his mother was not alive. Sweetie was the only best friend he had and she often told him about her visit to City. Alex was very timid. He kept his emotions to himself .He missed his mother but his father resided in his heart too hence he would go up to any extend to see a smile on his face.

It must be mesmerizing during Christmas, the lights around the city, the people; shopping complex said Alex to Sweetie.

Yes, it is, indeed. Everyone buys gifts for their loved ones Sweetie replied. I will beshifting to Paris for graduation in ballet. What are your goals? Asked Sweetie to Alex

My father is not rich like your parents Sweetie. I will help my father in farms said Alex with a sadness in his eyes.

But you must be thinking of becoming something after all I don’t think you have completed high school to plough a field says sweetie.

I don’t want to be a ballet dancer like you to teach others. I want to be a well known rich business man. A millionaire, I want to be a part of high society to enjoy city life.

Well, it’s you who have to choose what you want. I will pray for you to be guided by the Angels. I have read in a book, when you pray to Angels and surrender the situation to them they come and help.

Frustrated Alex screeches at Sweetie you and your Angels. You are a big girl now Sweetie stop being in fantasy world. There is nothing like Angels, fairies it is all fairytale. Touch base with reality girl life is not easy!!!

Sweetie was scared but quietlywhispered, Angels do exist and ran away.

Alex on the other hand could not sleep peacefully; he was soon going to lose his only best friend Sweetie, also he fought with her today. He could not find a direction. He loved his father but could not leave him alone. In tears, he held his mother’s picture and told her he missed her and he wished if in actual Angels would have existed to help him with his problem.

Ask and you shall be given is an old proverb which we all read everywhere but Alex was not aware that this way he had surrendered his situation unknowingly he was  going to face the consequences.

Suddenly, someone knocked his door. He was surprised. Who could be at this time? He opened the door and found one big red box at his doorstep. He looked here and there but no one was around. He looked at the box. The box looked like an ancient antique piece. He opened   the lid with curiosity and the white light came out of the box so hard that he could not see anything, next moment he opened his eyes in front of a staircase leading to a door, he had to walks on because he could not see anything else apart from that door, his heart was beating fast but he had no choice he had to move forward.

He entered the door and saw himself walking on the clouds, he pinchedhimself,he was welcomed by bunch of colorful elves he was mesmerized what was  happening? Am I alive? He asked   himself.

Elves laughed   and said  sure you are!!!

Alex: How I am here

Pink Elve says: you opened the lid of the box remember!

Alex: but it was lying outside my house someone left it.

Brown Elve: laughs and you opened it without thinking. Young boy that box was the entry to our world

Alex: but how will I go back

In-between the conversation he saw a tiny fairy flying towards him with a rose which had an amazing pink color which Alex hadnever seen in his life, even though his father was a farmer who ploughed all kind of roses,yet  he had never seen such a pink color. She said her  name was Maya ,I welcome you here to our world.

Alex did not take his step ahead he said I want to go back. Elves and fairies started laughing and took him on their shoulder to the kingdom of Fairies.

Alex was astounded as he had never seen amazing kind of flowers, wells, huts decorated with different kind of flowers in his life.

Hey where are you taking me. Stop you little idiots said Alex

It is said that the difference between Angels and Fairies is that Fairies have egos, they do not do any work or help anyone unless you ask them for withyour  utter belief

Maya being a fairy did not like Alex’s tone and droped him down in front of Kingdom of Fairies.

Alex’s eyes were wide open now and he did not know what to say further, elves pushed him and made him enter the Kingdom.

He looks atbeautiful little fairies with different color flying everywhere; he was welcomed by Tuna another Fairy.

Welcome Alex

Alex asked her how you know my name?

Tuna tells him your mother told me

He was not aware what was happening and snatches his own hair oh God let this dream get over.

Tuna laughs you are not dreaming you are here for a purpose. Sweetie told you about our existence and you refused to acknowledge, we know what your problem is.

Alex tries to settle himself and says okay then what is the solution and how can I go back.

Tuna touches his hand and asks him to relax anda whisper all the answers arewithin just be calm.

We know, we have seen you frowning and wanting city life desperately

But… before Alex could complete his sentence all the fairies vanish off.

He was alone there thinking about Sweetieand her prayers.  Did I surrender my situations to fairies? He admires the beauty around and slowly started accommodating when he meets talking butterflies which take him to a nearby pond in which starfishes resides along with dolphins.

Yellow bird on the tree asks him to take star fish near his ear.The moment he takes it stuck to his ear like an earring, first he shouts for help but then he hears them speaking words of love to him for him. His heart was calm now. Dolphin said do visit us again.

He was mesmerized and started walking ahead and meets Tuna again: so, did you figure out solution to your problems yet?

No replies Alex I have been meeting so many unusual talking animals but I don’t know what to do.

Tuna laughs again and vanishes off

Suddenly he sees a door, the moment he crosses it, he was out of thekingdom back to where Elves and fairy Maya was waiting.

Since he had, been to the kingdom where they made his heart rejoiced ,he had becomecalmer with his speech and behavior

Can you help me Please Alex asks graciously to Maya

Maya:  Our job is to help when asked. Hope you had a pleasant time in our kingdom. Come let me give you solution to your problem. She takes him near a tree and asks tree to show Alex what life is like in City.

He was introduced to unhappiness and lonely hearts. Alex was perplexed is that the reason you bought me here.

No the other reason was your belief on us; we wanted you to take a tour to our kingdom.

You cannot look at us with your naked eyes on earth because of too much negativity around but we are always there invisibly helping you, sometimes we put thoughts in humans around you to help, our process is different but belief is necessary.

Don’t worry about a country life Alex, you will move with your father, since sweetie constantly prayed for you we had to help you.

Alex is overwhelmed and suddenly he sees the same red box with a lid, he looks around, Maya is nowhere and the tree says go ahead Alex open it. He opened the box and again the white light comes out of the box and he could not see anything. The moment he opened his eyes he found himself outside his house. That morning, his father showed him two tickets one for himself and other for Alex to move towards countryside.

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