A notice from Devil’s Advocate

Harassing someone for your own good ego, this is what I have usually seen. If you answer back you are a bitch and if you don’t you are stupid. Either ways the one who is adamant to abuse will not let you live peacefully.
In this story a victim tries to find solace in people around and if someone just utters two words “I UNDERSTAND” that means a lot and the gush of cool wave calms down inner trauma for a while may be till the permanent solution comes out.
I too have been a victim earlier but now I choose to raise my vibes when these things happen… I tell them that you are merely seeking your own image in me which is kind of a kick on ASS of those who consider themselves so smart that every time they will come with abuse and we will take their bull shit…
Silence can be misinterpreted that is my strong belief… and it was misinterpreted as a looser when I choose not to stoop myself low with the abuses. However, now I have learnt my lessons…and I know how it feels like when  for no reason evil  choose you to be his/her  next game…
Don’t abuse but don’t take the shit… Raise your vibes. At that time just close your eyes and see yourself as a light, your body covered in white light and at that moment, that particular moment whatever comes out from your mouth… trust me that would be a  divine kick to the one who choose to come to you as an advocate of Devil..
I shared my little bit of experience here cause I have been meeting plenty of people these days  who are looking themselves as victim like I did ones. I wish all of you peace and may your guardian angel help you to move forward. Love and Light