Invisible Dragger

A human born in this world and get attack with thousands of invisible draggers on his back by friends, colleagues, bosses, lovers etc .as the number of draggers keep on increasing your back keep on stooping, recently I saw an advertisement on Television of some agency where the doctor ask the patient when and where did you get this dragger stabbed and the patient keeps on telling his /her tale they ended the  advertisement in a very funny manner but if you walk around and look at people often you see that some people young or old walk with their back straight whereas some of them walk as if they are bowing someone in front as if the wound is painful and they cannot take that dragger out from their back no matter how hard they try or maybe they did not wanted to, or may be consciously they don’t know what to do how can they make subconscious effort. It is difficult for them to carry the dragger at the back…
We get hurt every single day by so many people, some we let go because they do not mean anything to us. Their existence in our world is zero, whereas for some we cry hard for years and years because we could not take it that the person we cared for, loved so much, trusted with close eyes could do this to us. We become vulnerable, we try hiding ourselves in the closet to get rid out of pain they have given to us, we want this bad dream to be over just once if we can be told that this was all stupid drama, a trick played for fun, if only the person who stabbed our back could come and feel genuinely sorry but still it is difficult to forget.  The moment you look at their face or someone talk about them your blood starts boiling out of rage. Yes, this person. The one that I trusted did wrong to me or sometimes with fear that you may not cross on this dirt again to suffer this crap… it was difficult for you to be out of this quick sand of hate and lies, of these manipulating actions at that time too..
I don’t know how many I personally carry invisible draggers on my back but now it hurts less, may be because I have understood that what they did something to me I might had done the same to them in any past lives and by troubling me spoiling my career or personal life the revenge is over and thank god I will never ever see their faces again not in this birth or others to come.
On second thoughts if I think logically, this is what there upbringing is, this is what they were taught by their parents or may be this is how they were hurt so instead of learning a lesson from what they been through they chose to learn how to hurt others hence created their Karma without knowing they have to repay too in this life or in others to come..
I have been hurt so many times and the tears of blood I cried I only choose to radiate love to others the reason is, if someone can stab a dragger at my back which hurts me so much that I am still crying why I should carry forward this dragger to other… may be only to get curses in my book of karma..
I decide to let go now I walk straight and with my head high because the pain I suffered I prefer to help people like me instead of being a victim I choose to be a learner… Instead of being a vamp, a devil with a mask of trust and to stab others with that invisible dragger I choose to be a healer who could help others to take their draggers out from their back.. to heal their wounds.
Last but not the least… I have been through negative experience with certain people who stabbed my back, may be, it was my past life Karma standing in front of me to trouble me in this life… I have taken that shit to finish it off here itself in this life.
If someone is stabbing me they don’t know behind them some is ready to stab them as well and that will equalize the karma…no need to look at them in this life or others to come as I send blessings to them so that they be at peace and forget me forever and so do I…
My thought process only guides me to two words now for back stabbers and i.e.: “GOOD RIDDANCE” in this life and others to come