Moving in Alignment

I am so very kind of a book worm that I enjoy getting into every detail and love experimenting what is written in books and believe you me I have got my results . Some good and some bad and that is the reason I desire to write a story with daily magic’s which I use in my life and by the grace of God I could assist people too with them. It will be the combination of fiction and nonfiction. These days my focus is on moving in Alignment… yes, Every single person I meet is more interested in knowing about the law of Karma without getting where exactly it has appeared from. Indeed, this is my favorite topic too but recently, I have been reading the Twelfth Insight in which one chapter came as an eye opener. I would love to share my experience with people who enjoy reading my blogs more. The law of karma is followed by plenty of laws: The Law of truth- the law of truth teaches us that when we manipulate a truth stating that it would help we immediately create karma and that exploitation makes us attract people who are good in manipulating things, words or situations. Those are the people who are not interested in truth. At that time we are not in alignment. The second one is the law of connection-: As we all know that thoughts travel faster than words and indeed it’s true in my story I mean my life. I have experienced this stuff and now I am so familiar that I enjoy using this Law reflexively. It says before you converse with the person who you are going to speak on XYZ topic whether He/She is meditative or not catches your intention and you have to be very careful in trading that stuff as maximum rejection from people comes when you send energy with or without knowing. After these comes the law of Karma – which is not a punishment as we all feel but yes indeed what every lies , hurts and tantrums we forward knowingly or unknowingly comes back to us in a form of Karma and it does not have to be tit for tat thing. Law of Karma supports Tithing; sometimes naively we turn out to be an Angel in someone’s life by giving away a part of our earning as a donation with our guided instinct. Money comes in the form of energy of where we give and how much we give returns to us only. These Lessons made me remind of how I was in alignment with the universe unkemptly and unconsciously. As my friends know that a part of my heart which loves animals so much that I make sure that I take some money out every month to donate to NGO’s who takes care of stray animals. Though every time I choose different organizations and do not stick to one. One of them is Friendico- I used to donate 10 kgs Rice every month to them for these fur babies last year without realizing how it is going to affect my own life. Recently, my kooky developed tumor in his mouth and it was New Year’s Eve where people were welcoming New Year and me along with my family was praying hard as my little one. He was so much in suffering and pain and tumor was neither getting out or in… His doctor was not available at that time. Poor little kid was in a pool of blood and we were crying our heart out. My healings bought him little relief and he slept with his opened mouth with tumor hanging outside. The night was drape in a slight fog like haze and it was 3 am in the morning that I was out looking for some help but alas could not found any. I was reciting my mantra continuously with a ray of hope in my heart. At 4 am, when we decide to put kooky to sleep with a heavy heart. Yes, we chose to give up on him. One of the students residing on our first floor saw our doors open and came in asking what the matter is, he saw kooky in pain and that very moment I saw God in him. He asked us to come along with him , we went to Moti bagh hospital which was closed , he took a turn to Friendico where only compounder was available, however the compounder was successful in cutting the tumor out from Kooky’s mouth and we had our baby back happy and alive. I still cannot forget the tumor was a size of a ball when it came out. After coming out in peace and happy indeed, I became conscious , that I have been here before and when the guy who drove us to Friendico told us the name of this organization , it dawned on me how I helped these kids and the law of karma returned along with law of connection and truth. Many people are still angry with me as in I did not wish them on New Year but for me New Year began when I saw my Kooky happy, healthy, ALIVE and smiling.. Hence now after reading Celestine Prophecy and about the laws I realized that how universe help when you choose to be in alignment with it. What you want, give to others and see how it looks back to you with smile, a benefit returned indeed. I am thankful for the signs which help me learn everyday where I am leading my life … Are you? a href=”” title=”WriteUp Cafe – Together we Write”>WriteUp Cafe - Together we Write