Pillow talks

Last night, I was lying on my bed and invoked for my imaginary friend yeah he pops up as a teacher sometimes and guides me right. I told him that I saw someone from my past, an acquaintance though, she glanced at me and I turned my face. I told him that she is someone who played a role of a vamp in my life and I feel I just cannot forgive her though it has been years , I thought I have forgiven and forgotten but the moment I saw her visage my blood pressure shoot up and I just could not.. I mean I am sorry but I cannot forgive that is making me uneasy. My friend said: My darling, there are so many people who must be considering you as a Vamp in their life whereas you are an innocent criminal. What you mean by an innocent criminal, I asked. He explained there are things which you did unknowingly in your life which made certain people address your character as a vamp in their life indeed. Why I have never hurt anybody with my words, thoughts or deeds I said; I may have returned their shit back but never purposely I disrespected anyone. This is what you think as I said some people are ought to make careless mistakes in a fit of rage and some people make careful mistakes purposely to trouble others. Trust me you did it may be you are not aware but ask them. Trust this hypothetically to understand what I mean, he said. It is so simple, when you saw that woman looking at you , you turned your face cause you have already written her character in your book which you cannot change or maybe she has no place for a new character in a page you are writing today. Like in T.V serials the vamp in the end turned out to be a heroine/hero cause director decides that and writer agrees that and moreover the person who is playing the role of a vamp agrees to it. So you see there is not just one person who decides there are so many people who believe in change. Don’t worry if you cannot give negative character a chance to be a positive one today, in your page which you are writing, may be the director i.e. God tried by bringing her in front of you for a change in her role in your life or maybe it’s the character herself who want it but couldn’t convince you and being a writer you choose she won’t fit in a role. Let things be, if they are meant to be altered they will be, in time, with patience, with ignorance and who knows you might end up being in love with the character again in some other life time. Till then just let it be! I am sorry, I don’t know when I fell asleep and he left but yes indeed I understood that every day we are blessed with a clean page and the one who says that I am not a writer is lying to self cause consciously or unconsciously we all are writing each day with the pen of our thoughts and ink of our emotions. Our expressions and words play the role of our hand and the impact we leave on people when they think about us yeah a sure way a lesson written in our book of Karma. Sometimes we have to ignore the negative people in our lives so that we do not end up in unforgiving attitude. Just ignore it for a while and choose not to talk about them today with anyone because knowingly or unknowingly you are writing a page of your book and who wants it to be ruined with one negative issue or person or situation… Have a fun filled positive day today 🙂